Looking like a collection of mystical eggs stuffed into a furry, translucent alien skin, the new d’light Huggable Pillow from Diana Lin Design manages to add a touch of mystique and modernism to any couch, chair or bed it is set upon. Pull the little metal on/off cord located in one corner and it only gets more interesting: the pillow starts to glow. That’s right, the uniquely lumpy pillow is filled with silicone-encased LED lights that, when switched on, provide enough light to give a dark room a gentle glow or, if held close enough, to assist in night reading.

It’s no surprise that the pillow gives off such a gentle, pleasant vibe; designer Diana Lin says that her goal is “always to bring products to the market that enable both positive physical and emotional responses.” With that in mind, the d’light Huggable was inspired by sunlight. What is surprising to the designer, though, is the niche market that has arisen around her new design: sufferers of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) are beginning to use it to augment existing therapies.

Whether it works in that capacity is not something I’m prepared to comment on, but I can say that its uneven shape and soft texture do give off a certain sense of its being a glowing, living entity sitting beside you. The silicone bubbles can be squeezed and reshaped, letting air in and out to grow larger or smaller, which is convenient. It may not necessarily be the best pillow for sleeping next to or hugging while sleeping, as its distinct shape is more in line with a sofa cushion than a bed pillow, but it’s ideal for lying next to while reading at night. Its soft glow provides enough light for reading but not enough to be harsh or annoying to the eyes.

The d’light Huggable also makes an interesting conversation piece. Try and find someone who has seen anything like it before. Most visitors are likely to be impressed with its strange shape and functionality. The battery pack, requiring four AA batteries, makes the pillow conveniently mobile, but begins to fade after only four hours, which isn’t long. Alternately, it can be plugged into the wall, but the AC adaptor cord is only around three feet long, which means you’re out of luck if the nearest plug is not nearby.

Overall, the d’light Huggable is a brilliant (pun intended) addition to any household, though the $160 price tag may be a bit of a drawback to most interested buyers. In a city like Chicago, where the dark winter months are looming, this pillow is a very welcome presence starting around five p.m. when the sun disappears for the day.

Zach’s Rating: B
Perfect For: The upscale living room that needs a touch of sunlight
Stay Away if: Your futon itself cost just under $160

For more information on the d’light Huggable Pillow, and other products, visit Diana Lin Design

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