One of the items that did not get packed on our move from Calgary to Mississippi was ashtrays, well I am not allowed to smoke in the house, so my ashtrays consisted of a rusty coffee canister, and an even rustier Hibachi Grill. On a side note, a Hibachi can hold a pile of butts! For the serious smoker Hibachi is the way to go!

For the past couple of weeks I have been using empty beer cans, they are plentiful, inexpensive, other than the beer, but they are somewhat inconvenient, and when they are stuffed with cigarette butts they are always a big problem when you try and recycle them. The aluminum guys realize that your bag of cans weighs 3 times a normal bag does, and either refuses to take them, of wants you to empty them! Do you know how hard it is to get butts out of a beer can?

My wife decided that she was fed up with the beer can arrangement and took me off to the local dollar store to find a better solution. Our (her) choice was two dark blue, plastic ashtrays. I really could not complain at the cost. At a dollar each, they were a much better bargain than buying a new computer, or taking a cruise in the Bahamas, so, having run out of excuses, I reluctantly I handed over my $2.

The way I looked at it, if it only took $2 to keep Jan happy, it was a bargain! Of course I did try and get them for free. I explained to the young lady at the cash register that I was a reviewer, Music, Movies, Books, Gizmos, etc, and that I hung out with the rich and famous, well, occasionally get to interview them anyway. But she was adamant, she wanted her $2 plus tax! Reluctantly, I forked over the cash.

I have reviewed many things in my time, but ashtrays, well this was a first. My overall impression was that it was well designed, I like the fact that they are stackable (only when empty), and they have a place where you can put your burning cig without starting a fire! Pretty much these critters are indestructible, I stood on them, threw them at the squirrels (but that’s another story), and left them outside overnight. These things rock!

I have no problem with the capacity, these ashtrays are designed for the professional smoker!

I give these ashtrays a 5 star rating! You can pick yours up at your local dollar store, and remember to tell them Simon sent you! My thanks to:



734 Memorial Blvd

Picayune, MS 39466


Great place for indestructible ashtrays!

Simon Barrett

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