A couple of weeks ago I was bored, I wasn’t in the mood for writing, so focused my attention on the TV. In the space of 30 minutes I managed to catch three adverts for a magic kitchen utensil called the Aero Knife.

Well I was firmly convinced that it was junk, right up there with Ginzu, Chia Pets, self-coiling garden hoses, etc, etc. But the TV ad showed some well known chef hacking a piece of 2×4 with it, then effortlessly cutting a tomato. Better still, if you called in the next ten minutes the order would be doubled, two Aero Knives plus a handy dandy sharpener. All of this for the low low price of $10. The ad also suggested that callers should enquire about free shipping.

Boredom is a terrible thing, what could possibly go wrong spending $10? I called the 1-800 number. In this day of technology I guess I should not have been surprised that I found myself talking to a computer. After 20 minutes of saying ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ and pressing buttons on my phone, I was more confused  than a Ham Sandwich at a Jewish wedding.

The next day I called the support line (call center in India) to find out exactly what I had signed up for.

My $10 Aero Knife was actually $24.98 with shipping and handling. The ‘Free Shipping’ was only if I was prepared to spent $39 for the whole set of Aero Knife junk. What was the return policy? This area is about as clear as mud. As best I can figure out is that after I have paid the shipping fees I might possibly get $12.

So, my Aero Knife arrived today. I have to give credit where it is due, it took a ‘box cutter’ to break into the package. Possibly the packaging is the best part of the whole deal!

Rather than two super sharp blades, they decided to send me one blade with a serrated edge. The knife sharpener is something that would expect to find in a box of Cracker Jacks.

The TV ad is in my opinion deceptive. The knives are no better than you can find for a much cheaper price at your local dollar store. Cheap and flimsy, I seriously doubt that the ones used on TV are the same product. On TV there is an indication that you can part out a chicken (go through the bones), reality is, the Aero Knife has a problem with just slicing a potato. Sharp? Not really. Food doesn’t stick? WRONG.

Just for fun I took a potato and make potato chips. Obviously a knife is not as good as a mandolin, but it is a good test. Aero Knife did not score well. The edge was not sharp to begin with. The non stick claim fell apart 1/3 of the way through the potato. Just like every other knife, food sticks to it.

The entire product is cheap ‘made in china’ junk.

Aero Knife scores 0 out of 10 in my view. For some real fun, check out the Amazon Ratings. You can discount the 5 stars, they were probably paid for. Read the real ones.



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