The film Producer of The English Patient,Saul Zaentz, is suing Walt Disney and subsidiary Miramax, claiming that they did not share with him the film’s profits. Saul Zaentz says in court papers that he filed in Los Angeles, California, that he created a joint venture to co finance The English Patient and that, for doing so, he would share in the profits of the film. Zaents claims that Miramax “used fraudulent and unfair accounting” according to Hollywood Reporter, popular trade magazine. Walt Disney and Miramax are refusing to comment. The papers said that The English Patient cost 35 million to make and made 100 million at the box office. The filed court papers say that Zaents claims that Miramax used innapropriate√ā¬†accounting practices to try and prove that it still had to recoup costs from the acquisition, distribution and marketing of the film. This is not the first time he has sued over profits either. Last year he settled in court for 20 million dollars in a case against New Line Cinema for profits he claimed he was owed for The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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