Outside the Wire

Yes someone has actually produced a documentary/movie that does not trash American soldiers. In fact the DVD in question is a collection of three documentaries on the experience of a group of American soldiers in Iraq.

The docs range from the nitty gritty of combat against al Q; complete with two truck bombs and lots of incoming fire. This is probably the most effective of the three as it shows troops in the thick of it under attack in their redoubt. Needless to say this one probably is the rawest in all senses. The cameraman shows his bravery and interest in his subject matter in extremis. In fact he gets so close to the action he almost becomes a casualty.

The other two documentaries are more about the “hearts & minds” aspect to the efforts in Iraq. A great deal of effort is taken to show the reality on the ground. There is an interesting explanation of the nature of “blood feuds” and the efforts of the coalition people to nip new ones in the bud lest things spiral out of control.

What males this DVD all the most interesting is the fact that it is in three distinct parts. Rather than going back and forth between the various aspects of the coalition jobs in Iraq it looks at each one individually. Locations vary all across the region; from the wilds of Anwar to Baghdad itself.

All in all its a very impressive piece of documentary making. The DVD should be seen by as many people as possible; whether they are for the war, against it or merely indifferent. This is documentary making at its rawest and best.

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