During his candidacy for the presidency, Donald Trump frequently made clear to the American voters that he was indeed a,” Pro-Life,” candidate and if elected he intended to seek an overturn of Roe V Wade as one of the primary goals of his administration. Catholics and indeed all denominations should laud this task undertaken by the now President-elect as an opportunity to mount strong support to assist the new Chief Executive in accomplishing this goal within the timeframe of his four years term.

As seen in the past events, marches on Washington proclaiming defiance against legalized abortions brought about by the decision of Roe V Wade are not necessarily the most effective means of showing public discontent against the tragic decision that has ended perhaps millions of innocent human lives, in utero, before they even had a chance to experience life through natural birth. Public protesting and marching on Washington, District of Colombia is one methodology that shows support, however in the age of the internet, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube and many other forms of digital and electronic communications it is time to take the Pro Life message up a notch into the world of the 21st century and make the best use of technologies that spread the word of the Pro Life movement through emails, tweets, websites and perhaps even the most utilized method of communicating, texting.

With the post-election results finally settling in throughout the United States and the American people coming to a post electorate hangover of electoral daze, the reality is finally setting in. We have a newly elected President of the United States that is Pro Life. Everyone and anyone that lives in the United States should rejoice in the fact that President-elect Donald J. Trump has throughout his political campaign and throughout his personal business career has always proclaimed the mantra of Pro Life followers. The various coalitions of Pro Life movements in the Catholic Church and other religious denomination do not have time to lose.

During the presidential campaign that ended earlier this month, then candidate Trump utilized techniques to call attention to his campaign by focusing contradictory attention on the opposition’s candidate, namely Secretary Hillary Clinton. Skillfully executed, candidate Trump made the real campaign issues focus on the moral and ethical violations that continued to haunt Secretary Clinton as the primary reasons American voters should turn to Donald J. Trump for a new America, free from the, “Establishment,” of former political families and the overall political, “Establishment,” which has seemingly decided all of the directions of the American Government for decades.

With the election of President-elect Trump, the American people are in effect freed from the constraints of the previous ruling, “Establishment,” that ruled the political scene of this country for perhaps the last sixty years and are free to welcome a presidency that offers common sense, coupled with the experience of a successful entrepreneur and a powerful businessman to occupy the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

These are the reasons the Pro Life Movement in the United States needs to reflect the political transformation implemented by President-elect Donald J. Trump and transform the methodologies the Pro Life Movement has traditionally used to gather support and attention into something new, modern, technologically savvy in order to gain momentum to force the overturn of the Supreme Court’s Roe V Wade, an ignominious decision that has troubled our nation for decades.

Catholic voters and all Pro Life advocates also need to remember that there is a vacancy on the the Supreme Court since the death of Justice Scalia. The collective coalition of the Pro Life Movement needs to lobby the United States Senate and President-elect Trump to present a candidate for the High Court a candidate that is infused with the principles of the Pro Life Movement in order to balance the often biased opinions of the justices since the death of Justice Scalia and to dominate the conservative voice of the Supreme Court that should now be reflective of the dictates of the American people, not just the high powered lobbyists and political favorites that have often influenced much of the activities of our American Government in the past.

It is now mid-November, the Pro Life Coalitions should be brainstorming on how to tweet, text message, use You Tube, Face Book and many other forms of social media to bombard the three branches of the United States Government to affect an overturn of Roe V Wade.  If the President-elect was capable of using Twitter to sway the American populace to support his candidacy for the White House, millions of Pro Life Americans can quite honestly change the direction of the Supreme Court by following The Donald’s Twitter example.

Catholicism has a unique opportunity to work with President-elect Trump and a Congress that is dominated by the Republican Party, lets use every possible technological resource to shake up the Federal Government to overturn Roe V Wade.

If we correctly remember our American history, the shot heard around the world at Lexington and Concord initiated the struggle towards a successful American Revolution.

In 2016, the Pro Life Movement has the penultimate opportunity to send, “tweets,” that will be heard not only around the world, but throughout our American Republic to correct a Supreme Court decision, likened to the tyranny of a British King and oppressive taxes to an American victory that ensures, LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS to all Americans, even those that are unborn.


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