Private Eye With Gambisara:Sana B Sabally Murdered Basiru Barrow and others!

By: Gambisara; Senior Manager.
I write in response to the disgraced former Vice Chairman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC), ex-captain Sanna Bairo Sabally. However, in this medium, I will address you as Mr. hence of your civilian status.
I do not think this issue is a debate on who is wrong and who is right. I think the debate should be who did what? The Freedom fully knows what feeds the public. Every member of the public has the right to comment any piece that is published by the Freedom through writing a rejoinder. Equally, the Freedom will apologise to any person who it wronged directly by adequately proving a particular piece wrong beyond all reasonable doubt. The Freedom has and will never sensor critical comments directed to its management. However, our difference with you and the AFPRC boys is that we are civilians while you were among a group of young officers who took the Gambia at ransom and led it to where it is today. The Freedom is initiated to inform, educate and entertain the public with nothing but the truth. Mr. Sabally, the paper has accorded you 100% freedom to put your case across to our readers which I will say with maximum certainty that you are satisfied with the publication. Henceforth, we will publish all the information we have gathered regarding you. If you will remember on Friday the 15th of July 1994 we jointly prayed the Friday prayers in a village in the Jarra West District of the Lower River Division. I personally will commence my story from that day and date onwards. In your email, you said that we should invite you in court where you will be most willing to answer questions. Destiny has set a date with the former Iraq Dictator, Sadam Hussein which I believe both you and Jammeh have read or heard in the news. Your date together with your former colleagues and boss, Yaya Jammeh is also in the pipeline. You mentioned that the Freedom have him Jammeh and Singhateh as our gods, am sorry, but you are wrong. We are and will continue to deal with Jammeh and Singhateh separately. If you have any beef with them, sort it out with them directly.
Mr. Sabally, I would like to make it crystal clear to you that, it is true that the Freedom Newspaper is based in the United States of America , but it has its tentacles across the globe including your own bedroom. It has seasoned journalists and reliable persons all over the world from which it access information. A typical example is to remind you of the May 2006 hacking into its website and subsequent publication of subscribers and labeling them as informers by the office of the Inspector General of the Gambia . That was masterminded by your former boss, Yaya Jammeh, with no other purpose other than efforts to track down Bulfalleh and Horomsi because with them and others, the Freedom succeeded in rattling the Presidency or the Monarchy which you helped to build in the Gambia . This is to make it very clear to you that the Freedom has clear cut policies and systems on which it operates on. Remember, the Freedom is operational in a civilized country called the United States of America where you are dreaming to go to. It has a dynamic and focused management team with a sense of direction. By the time the paper closes down, it would have informed the entire world of the cruel activities you have committed; being dragged to court together with your former colleagues, Yaya Jammeh, Edward Singhateh, Yankuba Touray and Lamin Kaba Bajo, as members of the defunct AFPRC. Again, you were among a bunch of reckless soldiers who took the country at ransom and toppled the democratically-elected government of the PPP led by former President, Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. You did it with nothing but with greed and jealousy, contrary to the reasons advanced for the overthrow such as corruption, nepotism, over stayed their welcome, among many.
Mr. Sabally, I would like to tell you that you have woefully failed yourself by not detailing to the Gambian people and the rest of the world of your role in the sinister activities committed under your watch as vice chairman. You should have gone into details about how you welcomed the late Lt. Basiru Barrow and host of others at Fajara Barracks back gate where you allegedly executed them in cold blood. Where is Dot Faal, Buba Jammeh and host of other innocent soldiers? Did you remember your reactions in Mansakonko during your tour? Do you want me to remind you of your activities at the then Commissioner Momodou Badjie’s office, the Community Health Nursing School in Mansakonko, Saidou Jallow’s office in Jenoi when he was the Divisional Agricultural Coordinator in that Division, how you refused to meet students of Tahir Ahmadiyya Muslim High School, all in the LRD. I have a dossier of your entire tour and other public officials from the Presidency to the lower echelons of society. Be careful, this is not a warning. You cannot be a preacher or a saint over night.
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Posted on Monday, November 06, 2006 (Archive on Monday, December 11, 2006)
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