Private Eye With Gambisara-Best wishes for x-mas and prosperous 2007

Best wishes for x-mas and prosperous 2007
By: Gambisara, Senior Manager.
On behalf of the management and staff of the Freedom Newspaper, I am honoured to convey to you all the seasons greetings and our best wishes for a merry x-mas and a happy and prosperous new year in advance.
As we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year, we know that there are thousands  of people in our own country who suffer from poverty and deprivation which is not their fault. Thousands more without jobs and are forced to beg and depend on others for their livelihood, with all the negative consequences this has on their dignity as human beings. Many others are also sick, some of whom will succumb to preventable diseases. Contrary to our collective and fervent-wish, there are others who have been and will be exposed to crimes or violence of political nature. Others will continue to be exposed to humiliation and suffering as a result of calculated discrimination at the national level.

On the political front we scored an important victory as we held peaceful and successful information campaign to help dislodge the dictatorship of the APRC administration, but they over powered us through the different forms of intimidation they meted out to innocent Gambians.Our economy continued to suffer in all forms as a result of gross maladministration. Its slow performance led it not to attain higher growth rates as expected from responsible government, positioning itself on the contrary of the pendulum to perform in the coming year, No prospects for job creation or even salary increments or incentives to the civil servants.

Our congratulations go to all of you especially the innocent people who went through  various horrendous ordeals at the NIA as a result of the malicious publication by the Daily Observer in May that referred to all subscribers as “Enemies of the State”. That critical incident was a huge success in the battlefield for democracy and human Rights in the Gambia. You are all warriors.

Our special thanks and best wish to all our contributors, especially Horomsi and Bulfalleh who helped the paper to grow beyond expectations, I thank them for their continued courage,  commitment and dedication.

May the new year accord us the opportunity to accomplish our unaccomplished 2006 resolutions.

Posted on Saturday, December 23, 2006 (Archive on Saturday, December 30, 2006)
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