A Vietnam woman being held in solitary confinement on charges heroine trafficking has asked for a pardon from prison because last month it was revealed that she is pregnant. At the time of the test it was revealed that she was 11 weeks along. The prison officials are stumped as to how it happened as her husband is being held in another prison in another province of the country but an investigation was launched. The woman was set to face death by firing squad later this year after she lost her appeal. She was placed in jail when she was found with $63,000 worth of heroine. Anything more than 600 grams in the country is punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.

In the end, the investigation found that the father of the unborn child was another inmate in the prison who had the job of delivering food to death row inmates. Two guards have been dismissed from their jobs for ‘abuse of power’ after it was revealed that they let the inmate stay with the death row woman. Due to the pregnancy, the death sentence against the woman has been changed to a life sentence.

Death-row prisoner gets pregnant in solitary (Reuters)
Pregnant prisoner avoids execution (CNN)

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