The owner of an asbestos firm has been given a prison sentence after being found guilty of asbestos violations over the illegal removal of the potentially deadly substance. A thirty three month prison sentence was handed out to Cleve Allen George, the owner of the Virgin Islands Asbestos Removal, Co.

George was accused of a number of violations of the Clean Air Act as well as being found guilty of making false statements in relation to a low income housing neighborhood demolition. George and a co-defendant, Dylan Starnes, were found guilty of fifteen counts of involvement in the illegal removal of asbestos.

The owner of the firm has also received three years of supervised release in addition to the thirty three month sentence, and will have to foot the bill for basic x-ray testing for workers that may have been exposed to the asbestos.

The Assistant Attorney General stated: “Both George and Starnes were knowledgeable of how to safely remove asbestos and chose ignore those safe methods in lieu of a bigger profit. These sentences should serve as a warning to those in the industry that profiting at the expense of the community will not pay off and disregarding these safe removal methods will have serious consequences.”

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