It has been reported that an asbestos contractor from New York has been given a prison sentence for alleged workers’ compensation fraud. The seventy one year old has been given jail time for involvement in workers’ compensation fraud, according to the report.

The contractor, Chong-mun Chae, had an asbestos removal company in the Queens area of New York. He is said to have pleaded guilty to the charges that were made last week, and could spend up to four years in jail as a result of the fraud.

According to reports New York State Workers Compensation Board inspector general William Gurin stated: “The nature of the fraud is significant, and the amount is significant. We’re trying to change the business climate with cases such as these… We’re making it clear that we’re enforcing the laws.”

The fraud involved the defendant giving false information to insurance firms, claiming that he only had one employee because he did not want to pay out over one million dollars to cover the significant number of employees that he had.

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