A Montana prison inmate is selling various items on an online auction site. Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is selling letters, court documents, shoes and other items on the Web site http://www.murderauction.com. Bar-Jonah is serving a 130-year sentence in Montana State Prison for kidnapping and sexually assaulting a teenager before hanging him from his ceiling. Prices for the items range from $5 to $3,000 for police reports regarding the 1996 disappearance of Zach Ramsay, whom Bar-Jonah was charged in 2000 with murdering. Authorities said they had evidence linking Bar-Jonah to the child’s disappearance and said he “butchered the boy and disposed of his body in meals served to his neighbors.” The charges were dropped, however, when Zach’s mother said she believed her son was still alive. He has not been found.

According to a report in the Great Falls Tribune, someone bid $25 for one of his prison towels with a certificate of authenticity. Another person bid $50 for Bar-Jonah’s prison shoes, and two people are biding for his socks. Bar-Jonah says the winning bidder of the Ramsay documents could use them to write a book, which is something Cascade County Attorney Brant Light says concerns him. Light says selling those documents could jeopardize the investigation.

“That’s alarming. Sheesh,” Light told the Great Falls Tribune. “I’m extremely concerned about the court documents. A lot of that is confidential information. He can’t in turn make it public and make money from it.”

According to the Tribune, prison staff said Bar-Jonah does not have access to the Internet, and they hadn’t heard about the auction until contacted by the newspaper. Bar-Jonah allegedly sends his belongings to a woman in Utah who sells them online for him.

Five states currently have notoriety for profit laws which keep criminals from selling personal items online. Several states have Son of Sam laws, which bar criminals from selling their stories for books or movies.

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