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Prince Charles is planning a new house for son Prince William in a remote valley on the Welsh border. So, is it a wedding gift? That’s the question everyone seems to be asking.

Prince William will soon get an expensive gift from his father – a 6-bedroom house. This bit of news has fuelled rumours that he’ll soon propose to girlfriend, Kate Middleton. Her presence at Prince William’s graduation ceremony last week, had set rumour mills abuzz considering it was the first time that his girlfriend had attended a high-profile ceremony where the Queen too was present.

The house, which is yet to be constructed, is supposed to be built on the lines of a classic mansion, in an isolated valley on the Welsh border; a place that could provide all the privacy a celebrity couple could ever wish for.
The 790 square-metre home on the England-Wales border will feature solar-powered heating, and insulation made of sheep’s wool. It will also include five bathrooms, a dressing room, a grand dining room, a tree garden, and a hall lined with Greek columns.

According to the Mail, the mansion is believed to be a wedding present for William, amid rampant speculation that he is on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

One British retailer is so certain that an announcement is imminent, it is ready to sell 20 different souvenir items, from cups to computer mouse pads, that bear the smiling faces of the prince and Middleton.

A spokesperson for the royal family told the newspaper that the building will be available on the open market to be rented out when it is completed in 2010, insisting that William will not need it while he is serving in the Army. AFP

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