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The second installment of the Chronicles of Narnia needed to be bigger than the first one. It needed to stand its ground against the other 2008 summer blockbusters. It needed more action than the first one without losing the essence of what Narnia and Aslan represent. It needed the faith of a child and the heart of a Lion. Prince Caspian had to be the movie we all expected it to be as soon as the credits rolled for the first one. Fans had looked forward to this since Christmas 2005. They knew it was coming and they knew it had better be good. Lord of the Rings proved it could be done, but so many other films proved it isn’t always done. Now we can see for ourselves.

Prince Caspian is certainly more of an action movie than the first installment. This helps to move the two and a half hour film along at a decent clip. Where the first film was visually stunning with the beauty of Narnia, Prince Caspian uses different sorts of Narnian’s to make the film come to life. Centaur’s, dryads, along with a loyal badger named Trufflehunter (a loyal badger), a doubting dwarf called Trumpkin, and a sword wielding mouse all add to the creation of this films Narnia. With reflections of Tolkien’s Middle Earth the battle scenes work well and are balanced perfectly with the storyline and quiet times.

Prince Caspian is rated PG for epic battle action and violence. It is a film for the entire online pharmacy canada family and even the battle scenes, though intense are not bloody messes of limbs and carnage. The Chronicles of Narnia books are wonderful and this version, though taking a few liberties, stays true to the intention. There are a lot of block busters out this summer and even in the next several weeks. And yes some may be more popular and even bigger productions, but you will be hard to find one this year with the essence of love and beauty as Prince Caspian. All mixed into a wonder family adventure film. I give it a solid 4.5 out of 5 roars.

Number of discs: 3
Rating: PG
DVD Release Date: December 2, 2008
Run Time: 149 minutes


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