Prince Albert of Monaco, his arm still aching after having been so violently bent behind his royal back, agreed through clenched and smiling teeth to improve the cooperation between his country and Berlin in Germany’s newly-declared unilateral and preemptive War on Tax Fraud.

Summoned to Berlin by a grumpy and frumpy Chancellor Angela Merkel, Albert was made an offer “I just couldn’t and wouldn’t and even didn’t refuse” and agreed to start negotiations on a bilateral agreement between the countries’ tax authorities which will likely end in the removal of his itsy bitsy principality from the OECD’s blacklist of “uncooperative countries in tax matters” or else face war with Germany, whatever comes first.

This list of bad egg countries, often referred to here in Berlin as the Coalition of the Unwilling, also includes Liechtenstein and Andorra. Liechtenstein is already in Arbeit (in the works) and as soon as Andorra can be located, its prince or duke or great uncle or whatever the hell it is will be summoned to Berlin, too.

The government of the United States is keeping a close eye on this very tense situation as the Americans want to finally figure out what the secret is to getting Germany all hot and bothered like this with regards to maybe one or two other pressing international issues already. And after all, Prince Albert is the son of Grace Kelly so lighten up a bit there, Angie. We’ve done a little research on your past and you don’t want us to go public with this now, do you?

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