Those famous Geico ads featuring perpetually offended cavemen run so often and have become so popular that ABC is creating a thirty-minute TV show starring the famed Neanderthals to air this fall. The show, simply titled “Cavemen,” will follow a trio of cavemen living in present day Atlanta and putting up with the prejudice that comes with being a lesser evolved species. The show will be written by Joe Lawson, an advertising copywriter who wrote the caveman-themed ads for Geico, as well as Geico’s other popular ads.

Also, the man behind the latex will be comedian John Lehr, the famous Geico caveman. Lehr’s performance, with the help of fellow cavemen actors Ben Weber and Jeff Daniel Phillips have helped Geico’s business soar from a $2.8 billion to $11 billion industry since 1998. When in full make up and costume, the men are pursued like Hollywood stars. Once after filming a commercial in Los Angeles, the trio was mobbed by fans on Sunset Boulevard. Lehr even attended an Oscar party as his beloved character and was swarmed by paparazzi. Like the commercials, the show will be fully scripted, but the actors will be encouraged to improvised. It is said that improvisation is responsible for the famous “roast duck with the mango salsa” line.

You have to give the auto insurance company credit for putting so much thought into creating such a wide variety of humorous and entertaining commercials. Sometimes the ads are even better than the show you are watching. However, the charm of their caveman ads comes from the brief glances we get into these characters’ lives, first seeing their response at the famous tagline, “So Easy A Caveman Can Do It”, then at a meeting with a Geico spokesman after the commercial airs, observing them at a party, defending their kind on a 24-hour news station, seeing a wall ad at the airport, and talking about their outrage with a psychiatrist. They’re the kind of people who just don’t get over things, and this is funny in small doses, but having to put up with the cavemen’s wining for a half hour at a time is going to get monotonous.

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