I wrote an article two months ago calling the President to task for his indecisiveness in responding to General McChrystal’s request for 40,000 reinforcements in Afghanistan. I was pretty annoyed that the alleged “leader” of our country would take so long with a decision that was costing my fellow military men and women’s lives each day he delayed. Little did I know at that time that this colossal failure would delay an additional two months in finally making a decision to send 30,000, instead of 40,000, combat troops. Does anyone else get the feeling that he altered the number being sent just so he wouldn’t have to explain why it took him three months to agree and grant the request of the far more experienced General on the ground?Let’s put this in a little perspective. On August 30th General McChrystal requested 40,000 additional combat reinforcements in Afghanistan. In his letter he detailed that these troops were necessary immediately stating,

“Failure to gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum in the near-term (next 12 months) — while Afghan security capacity matures — risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible.”

So the almighty Obama, in his infinite wisdom and military experience, was told by the expert on the ground, a General he appointed to this position, that they needed troops and they needed them now to win this war in Afghanistan. Note that Obama ran his campaign on the premise that this was the righteous war that Bush had ignored and if he were elected he was going to set the ship straight and concentrate on Afghanistan. With all of these facts in line the POTUS spent three months questioning and analyzing the General’s request, rather than granting it. Three months of the twelve in the quote above, which, according to General McChrystal were the key months they needed them in order to regain the initiative. Does anyone else have a problem with this??? Does anyone else have a problem with Obama (no military experience whatsoever) spending three months analyzing a military commander’s request for troops, along with a group of his fellow politicians, none of which have enough military experience to pick up the General’s uniform from the dry cleaners. This reminds me of a great quote from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men…

“I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said “thank you,” and went on your way.”

There are more things wrong with this scenario than I can even touch on in one article. It seriously blows my mind. Who are they to hem and haw for three months over a request that was sent by the “duty expert” that he himself appointed to the position?

Why am I talking about all of this today, you ask? I write this today because arguably the most disgusting aspect of this entire chain of events is that when the almighty finally came to his decision, he, rather than be ashamed at his horrific display of incompetency, was so proud of himself that he had to go on national TV (again), to announce it to the country. A lot of people laughed of the “Obama-Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic” article written by Dr. Sam Vaknin last year, but his behavior thus far in his young presidency definitely supports this theory.

One more point of idiocy in this whole debacle. If we are going to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan for a push, why would our President make this announcement on national TV and detail it as much as he did? Maybe we should send the Taliban a list of all of the units which will be going, their dates of arrival, manpower, and all tables of equipment and weaponry as well. I hope that I don’t annoy Americans by saying this, but this type of transparency is detrimental to the mission. There are a lot of things the general American public doesn’t need to know about what my fellow military members are doing in Afghanistan. To be quite blunt, this type of knowledge in the enemies hands gets our brave men and women killed. Last night the Taliban, without needing to use any type of intelligence assets, found out that 30,000 reinforcements are coming to take back control from them. Additionally, and more importantly, they time tables from the President. They now know he plans to start pulling my comrades out of there in 18 months.

Wow!!! I wonder what they’ll do??? Does anyone else with an IQ above 80 think they might blend back in with the populace and/or into hiding for about…hmmm…thinking of a figure…thinking…18 months???

The truth is, with decision making and leadership such as this, Obama has no plan or desire to win this war. Every decision he makes is made with politics in mind, not the good of the nation. Being a U.S. Marine, I find this behavior to be despicable. 30,000 of my brothers and sisters are now going to be sent away from their families, many before Christmas this year, to perform an act of symbolism for the Narcissist in Chief over the next year and a half…but you know what, those brave men and women will do it proudly, as they are the only honorable Americans in this charade.

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