Press reports on the November 20th incident, where six Muslim Imams were reportedly removed from a U.S. Domestic Airliner, give very little detail on the actual incident itself. Major facts such as what actually precipitated the incident? are left out of the story. Several Law Enforcement agencies were involved in the incident, each and every one of them requiring detailed reports from officers involved, most of this information is available to the press – if sought after. The Department of Homeland Security, issued a brief press release on the issue on November 22nd, but only to announce that they were opposed to “Racial Profiling” 

In order to get the basic facts on the story, the public waits for the next issue of Time or Newsweek to hit the Newstands, instead of having the facts right under the headline.  The Accuracy and attention to detail on this story lost out, in the race for the big headline.   




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