It’s now official.

The NYTIMES clone, the International Herald Tribune, now admits that Hillary is fading from view in the press.

Even her victory speech in Kentucky on Tuesday, shown live on cable news, was given perfunctory attention – a footnote to someone else’s page in history. When MSNBC called the Kentucky primary early in the evening, Tim Russert, host of “Meet the Press,” said her success with women and blue-collar voters “means Senator Obama has a lot of work to do”

The press has continually played the primaries as a horse race, with the press cheering on the Obama campaign.

There is a joke that the press, reporting that George Bush walked on water, would headline it “Bush can’t swim”. The exact opposite is true in Obama’s case, where an Obama who was floundering in water would have it spun as if he was too humble to show off.
Hillary’s wide based backing is ignored, while Obama’s funding and his backing by the far left is ignored, with few or no discussions of what this will mean if he becomes president and payback time comes due.For weeks, I’ve been hearing “Obama has the delegates” and that Hillary should drop out. It is so bad that the far left HuffPost and Daily Kos are bashing Hillary worse than the Freepers of the far right, and the pundits are echoing their cry.

Obama the Savior…pay no attention to that lady behind the curtain…

Yet Hillary has garnered the majority of the actual voters in the primaries. Newsweek’s Alter actually has a column named “Popular Vote Poison” in which he roundly criticizes Clinton, using various polls to “show” Obama has won…until you come to the eighth paragraph and find:

Now we come to Florida and Michigan, whose popular votes Hillary says should be counted. The argument for counting them is no better than for counting the caucus states (and maybe worse, considering that these states violated party rules by moving their primaries up on the calendar, and no one campaigned there). But for the sake of argument let’s count ’em. That gives Hillary a lead of 63,373.

Ah but Alter explains that the DNC plans to shaft Hillary and the voters by only counting half of their votes, so that Hillary again “Loses”.

And just in case you think the 2000 fiasco of trying to count “Chads” was weird, Alter insists that since Obama refused to go on the Michigan ballot, that he should be granted all those votes for “Uncommitted”.

In all of this the press has for weeks been telling Hillary to get out of the race, and continues to do so.

Yet Hillary is fighting for the life of the Democratic party from a disasterous takeover by the left similar to that by George McGovern. Primaries have always been slanted toward those who have more rigid and extreme political agendas. What is different this year, is that the centrist McCain won only for lack of a decent far right conservative to get the partisan voters out.

In the main election, Obama is vulnerable to culture war issues, including his position on post birth abortion, that are now being noticed in Catholic circles. Clinton, like her husband, is similarly on the progressive side of the divide, but being pragmatic (as opposed to Obama’s rigid stand) they know not to push too hard.

Another problem that the pundits have overlooked is Obama’s unpopularity with Asians, even though he has lived in Asia and Hawaii… the reason that the press doesn’t want to look too closely is that it is due to racism: Because Asians, like white blue collar workers, have been negatively impacted by affirmative action programs, and Obama’s embrace by black demagogues like Farakhan and Reverend Wright are unlikely to bring him votes.

Obama also has problems with some Hispanic groups. The problem here is that the press sees Hispanic as a monolith. They are not. Obama’s opposition to the Colombian trade bill won’t gain him votes among the one million Colombian Americans, or his wish for talking to dictators endear him to the large Cuban American community in Florida.

Finally, the press has somewhat noticed that there is another angry group there who might not vote for Obama or McCain, but sit home feuding: The angry white woman.

A telling conversation on the TV show The View points out this anger:

“No matter how this primary ends,” (Obama) said, “Senator Clinton has shattered myths and broken barriers and changed the America in which my daughters and yours will come of age.”

That serenity is not yet shared by women who identify with Clinton. Whoopi Goldberg asked her co-hosts on “The View” how they would describe Clinton’s historic battle for the Democratic nomination.

“A man took it away from a woman,” Joy Behar replied. “Then they yelled at her for complaining about it.”


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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