Vocal anti-war activists accuse the administration of committing U.S Forces to a never ending war in Iraq. The President insists in public he will not set a time line for withdrawal.

Military planners report that based on present deployment levels and rotation, U.S. forces can continue operational effectiveness for nine to thirteen months. To understand how dire and ominous loss of operational effectiveness is when you translate it into English, Those who lost world war two, suffered a loss of operational effectiveness.

While the military brass appropriately supports in public what ever policy a commander in chief be they democrat or republican establishes, Off the record comments by generals point to an atmosphere charged with open animosity between Bush political appointees and career officers at the pentagon.

While the President at least in public seems adamant in his commitment to the present policy, It seems reasonable to assume he has been briefed in private on the catastrophic consequences that would result if he pushes troops past the breaking point.

Invoking the ghost of Vietnam this week in an attempt to inspire renewed support by drawing analogy between the fall of Saigon and what could happen if we made a hasty retreat from Iraq could indicate the President is beginning to accept the fact time and circumstances beyond his control are beginning to dominate the course of the war

While he retains vocal and unquieting support amongst Christian evangelicals and Rupert Murdochs Fox network. Polls point to a President who has lost the confidence of more then two thirds of the American people. 

With current and prospective GOP office holders beginning to ramp up for the next election, Bush loyalists are quietly being purged from positions in the republican national committee infrastructure even as members of the House and Senate facing election races begin attempting to distance themselves from the Presidents policy in their campaign message.

It is quite possible if the President refuses to begin making at least symbolic reductions in troop levels, It will be the Republicans in congress who refuse to continue funding the war.

P.S Burton the Phoenix Sentinel     




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