Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian journalist who has gained a lot of attention in her country for being so openly critical of the current president Vladimir Putin, was found dead outside of her apartment block on Saturday. Initial information coming in from police is that the 48 year old mother of two was killed from two gunshot wounds when leaving the lift and the investigation is being treated as a murder. A gun and found rounds of ammunition were found in the lift with her body. In a comment from Vitaly Yaroshevsky, a deputy editor of the newspaper where Politkovskaya worked, he said “The first thing that comes to mind is that Anna was killed for her professional activities. We don’t see any other motive for this terrible crime,” In her final days alive, Politkovskaya was working on a piece about torture being conducted in the southern region of Chechnya, it was expected to be published on Monday. In an ironic twist, the day of her death was the 56th birthday of President Putin.

Outspoken Putin critic shot dead in Moscow (Reuters)

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