By Marvin Ostrega

There are many people prospecting for the future presidential post in 2008. A lot of famous political people have been concidering it or have already formed Presidential exploritory committees.

There is former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani. There is now Arizona Senator John MCcain. And, I bet in the future there could be NY Senator Hillary Clinton and current NY Governor George Pataki.

Giuliani stands a good chance of being a viable candidate. He is remembered for sept 11th and just seems to be strong on terrorism and crime. But do we need a district attorney in the white house?

John MCcain seems like a good candidate just because he is a moderate republican. He see issues from both sides: democratic and republican, and just seems like a nice guy. Everybody likes a nice guy. I know, you don’t have to tell me, nice guys finish last. Well one can hope not.

Hillary Clinton is tough. She can ride Bill Clinton’s coattails into the white house on the assumption, Bill was good, so can she be. But I feel something is lacking in her personality. Bill has charm. Does Hillary? I believe Hillary has brains. Brains are good but, you need charisma too. She has been out there raising money for democratic candidates and forming the right political contacts to get into the white house. So I believe Hillary is: Go! for the white house.

George Pataki is a great governor but in his last few months it seemed to me he was dispondent. He failed to make any new buildings appear at ground zero. He didn’t try and get new proposals through the assembly and legislature. He just seemed to float with the tide and really in his last few months do nothing. Sorry to say George, but great leaders make waves and if you have been making waves they are no where near big.

So out of these popular candidates who could win the white house? I believe Hillary could do it. She just has to play her cards right and have Bill around her regularly to have his personality and history bring all the good out of her campaign.

McCain would definetly be a close second. He has been through presidential elections before and knows who to say what to. And his middle of the road policy thinking would move him away from the normal republican thinking and attract democrats.

Giuliani would come in third only because once they see his argumentative style, the country might get tried of listening to him. Sorry, Giuliani. Also when people wake up and remember it was the Republican party that gave us the war in Iraq, they may not want to elect another Bush wanabee.

Finally, Pataki would come in last only because what is his message? What does he stand for? Where are his policies? More of the same, or something new? On Pataki there is no news. A candidate has to have some popularity, spin, carma, something voters look at that says hey I always wanted him to be president.

Hillary has it.

McCain has it.

Giuliani has it.

Does Pataki have it?

Sorry, Pataki. But you have to come out of the boxing match swinging like a winner, even if you go down in defeat.

Where are you?

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