I thought the Washington post story on the President bashing Dem’s during his Missouri visit underscores despite what every pundit warns will not work this time.
The President is staying the course in respect to political  strategy when it comes to the midterms.  The President simply must feel the polls this time are just plain wrong and that when the American people pull the lever in the privacy of the booth. They will retain the Republican party as their choice to lead the republic through what he defines as a Global war waged by Islamic Terrorists. While there is no historical present to support his firm conviction that the bean counters have it wrong some how. The question will be settled in a few  days.

Should the President be wrong and the pollsters and pundits right in predicting a massive reshaping of the National and State political landscape

The day after will perhaps be hardest on an administration fore warned in event of Democrats taking power. The current shield of protection provided by a Republican dominated congress into events leading up to the war would evaporate overnight

Insiders past and present with few exceptions express off the record nothing “criminal” in nature will surface to threaten the remaining  years of what would be a lame duck Presidency. They could of course hold hearings to embarrass and ridicule perhaps even force several cabinet level changes a high ranking player in the fold conceded off the record. But I doubt any serious calls to impeach will pass muster and censure didnt effect Clinton’s ability to earn money and influence people after his term expired.

George W Bush will remain the standard bearer of evangelical Christian conservatives long after he leaves office the insider voiced with confidence.

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