President Obama, in Turkey, speaking on the subject of the Armenian genocide stated, “Well, my views are on the record and I have not changed views.” Obama was mindful not to use the “G” word.

Seems the tracks are laid out, not doubtful of collaborated, calculated interests, once again throwing integrity, U.S. moral standing, and human-rights under the bus. Obama Officials are considering postponing the annual April 24th commemortive Presidential statement.

What’s striking, this President unlike Presidents of the past, is well versed on Armenian genocide. Going so far as to speaking one on one with Samantha Power, author of the book, “A Problem from Hell” explores America’s understanding of, response to, and inaction on genocides in the 20th century. Professor Power is now a top foreign policy adviser for the President.

I wonder if Ms. Powers realizes she put herself in “A Problem From Hell”. Is Power just  another lemming in Washington?

Everyone knows the so-called “Turkish-Armenian rapprochement” is just another charade used to help stifle genocide recognition. Armenian Officials made countless statements that the Armenian genocide is not a precondition to rapprochement, because it is a fact.

“I think that the announcements that put forward preconditions to the establishment of Armenian-Turkish relations can be viewed as an attempt to fail the advances registered during the negotiations,” stated the Armenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian.       

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