It is often said that, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” In the case of President Obama’s absence from the march in Paris yesterday make the previous statement very untrue. His absence from the march supporting the fight against radical Islamic terrorism, illustrates the true illusion that has qualified the entire presidency of President Obama. The fact that scores of global leaders took time to go to Paris and link arms in global solidarity against terrorism marks the pinnacle of importance the event really holds in the geopolitical scene. Alliances that have often been strained for years over political ideologies, social traditions and military tensions linked arms in Paris in unity and ideological solidarity with the French and most significantly the entire world. The exception from the crowd was the American political hierarchy. Today, the White House maintains that the nuances of the tasks concerning Presidential security would have been disturbing to the event. Really? Over 40 world leaders marched in solidarity, with their security forces present and evidently such details were not an┬áprecarious threat to┬ápresenting them to attend…France, Germany, Russia, all allies of the United States abandoned personal security in order to make a global statement that is intended to be heard…the world will no longer tolerate extreme Islamic terrorism, and most importantly freedom from terrorism is the ultimate goal for the entire political world. FOX News reported this morning that the Vice-President was at home in Delaware. It seems solidarity with the world’s gathering of leadership against terrorism might have been more important than Joe’s visit to Delaware (who BTW lives only a few miles from this author.) Perhaps the divisional title games were more important to POTUS and VPOTUS than unilateral global peace.

This morning even Pope Francis in his address made the threat of radical Islamic terrorism a part of his daily address at the Vatican. Basically, he stated that Islamic extremism in the name of faith is incompatible with practices of faith that focus on the destruction of humanity. Papa Francis is using his global pulpit to express unity with the rest of the European Union to denounce violent extremism.

President Obama has yet to utter the words, “violent Islamic extremism.”

The lack of decisive presidential leadership in the Obama administration has left a trail of unfinished projects with results that will effect the American society for years to come. This administration has spent monies of the next 10 generations of Americans through indecisive actions in the Middle East,

healthcare reform, educational reform, taxation reform and just about any legislative action Mr. Obama has ever touched during his tenure in office.

Most importantly the President has relegated the United States to a place that is secondary or even tertiary in world leadership. President Obama’s absence from Paris this past weekend clearly indicates he does not understand (or care) about the global view emerging with the spread of radical Islam. Radical acts of Islamic terrorism are not just other countries concerns…they are right here in the heartland of America, waiting for the call to action. Historically, Obama’s lack of personal presence in France is an embarrassing and shameful act of presidential cowardice. The next time America asks for allied support, hopefully our friends abroad will overlook President Obama’s diplomatic and humanitarian faux paus.

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