Well another week in the land of social networking. I tell you what, this is quite an adventure as I meet new people daily and read all sorts of news out there. I am always a hound for anything on Peer Abuse and the “B” word. So, it was no shock when I stumbled upon this article from my news feed on Facebook that was somewhat disturbing.

This week, it was brought to our attention that someone had developed a poll on Facebook asking if President Obama should be killed. The options were yes, maybe, only if he cuts my healthcare and no. It appears that this created quite a stir and Facebook had removed the poll completely. Also, the developer had received a call from the Secret Service concerning this issue. These are big guys who take these sort of things very seriously and for good reason! The author of the poll is a completely different individual who has yet to come forward publicly.

Um, what is wrong with this picture? Is there anything that is right with creating something such as this? I understand that in the past and today that Presidents have gotten and probably get death threats on a daily basis. John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Ronald Reagan was shot. However, it appears as if this sort of thing is going viral and stuff such as this poll is just adding fuel to an already Presidential inferno. Why do we as a society continue to tolerate behavior such as this? Why do we keep going online and keep threatening to harm others? Cyberbullying is growing worse; not better. Whether someone likes Obama or not, he is the President of this nation and we as citizens need to respect him. What good is it to have a poll which discusses taking his life? I consider this a form of cyberbullying and I find no humor in this whatsoever. Fortunately, Obama has a lot of protection and help against these sort of things. What about regular citizens? Children? They do not have this and no laws exist to protect them. Not in all 50 states anyway.

Please, if you see any polls such as this online about anyone, please report it to the website where it exists. It is not about ratting out, agreeing with or liking someone but about threatening to take the life of someone else. This is by far a form of cyberbullying not to mention that murder is against the law. I hope the Secret Service talked to these individuals about the seriousness of this. In the meantime, speak up and do something. It only takes one person to make a difference. Please, let that person be you!


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