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President Yahya Jammeh is a stumbling block to the nation’s quest to fight  HIV/Aids. His recent declaration that he had cure for HIV, the virus which Scientists say causes Aids would no doubt cause more harm than good in the nation’s efforts to tackle the global menace. Jammeh is tempting the youth population to engage in risky behaviour, since he said he had cure for aids. It’s time for anti Aids campaigners and health officials to caution this mad President. Jammeh is far from being stable. He needs mental check up. His statement is not only irresponsible, but misleading. Sick leaders like Jammeh want  to emulate Edi Amen of Uganda. Edi Amen too gave himself with all kinds of titles with little qualifications. Gambians are being dragged to Edi Amen’s era by Jammeh. Jammeh behaves strangely these days. Some people in his government hinted that the man is being driven crazy due to atrocities he committed in the recent past. He sometimes walked out of the state house talking to himself along the sandy beaches of Banjul. It’s gathered that efforts by his guards to restrain him from his unscheduled early morning and late evening strolls proved futile. The guards have no alternative but to run and give him escort. Jammeh is on the road to total madness. By the time, we Gambians discover his mental problem
President Jammeh has been caused by his former marabouts. These marabout’s spiritual work is working on Jammeh these days. We ar enjoying Jammeh’s movies. He is an actor for real. Jammeh is reducing himself as a laughing stock. Charity begins at home. His own family members are sick and he cannot cure them.  One of them is diagnosed with HIV recently. He works with the Security forces. Jammeh knows the person I’m talking about. Jammeh should stop the mind game he is playing. A sick person like Jammeh cannot play with our intelligence. He wants Gambians to mystify him. Jammeh is nothing but a damn fool who needs urgent mental help.

If Jamme is reading me at this hour, what is he doing to help his little daughter baby Jammeh to get hair on her head since he is now a magical doctor. Few Gambians know about baby Jammeh’s ball head. The little girl puts on hat round the clock. This is the secret behind that hat. Due to decency, we don’t want to go further.  Jammeh needs to get a life before we spill the beans further. His own doctors are talking at this hour. Jammeh would be surprised if we print some of the information we gathered about him. As we piece this write up together, Jammeh had a problem of getting a baby. This to some extent is undermining his matrimonial life. His wife Zeinab Suma Jammeh over the years had been yearning for a baby but God’s calling is yet to come. Jammeh had approached some marabouts to help him, but he is yet to  tackle this problem. As a traditional herbalist, Jammeh should put his house in order before resorting to such wishful thinking. Even a ten year old child will not buy his stories.

Jammeh cannot tell us that he doesn’t want a child at this hour. He needs it but cannot get it. God knows why. What’s happening to Jammeh at this hour is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more to come. God is the only person to be worshiped and no human being. Since Jammeh fails to humble himself, he is bound to suffer before his fall. Our kids and grand kids would read his history one day. In fact, they have started witnessing his IQ problems. Across the country, people termed him as a mad person. Many people turned off their televisions when he is spotted on GRTS. “The man mad is talking again. “Telefarbang.” meaning turnoff the TV. Nyingmankendiya. Jumalebeninglamoula?” A father told his family at Bundung.

If President Jammeh thinks that he is earning the respect of Gambians by making such irresponsible announcements on aids, then he is fooling himself. The average Gambian believes Jammeh is mad. This’s the  reality. People no longer takes Jammeh seriously. Even if he says he was born by Azombi, some would start doubting him. The man is a celebrated liar. He hardly stick to his promises. The entire country is angry with him. Little did he know about the public discontent. Jammeh will know the true colors of Gambians when he is out of office. The very people chanting his praises would be the first people to give him a slap if subjected to mob justice. Mark my words. That day is coming pretty soon.

If deposed President Jawara can be disowned by the likes of Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay and co who is Jammeh to be speared? FJC used to have launch with Lady Chille at the state house. They exchanged visits and travel together. Guess what? FJC was the first person to say that the Jawara government had not initiated any development in the country. The same FJC helped the Jawara government to steal our tax payers hard earned monies. She was being fed and taken care off by the Jawara government. Fatou was not only a liability to his family but to the Gambia as a whole. She never wants working. She sits at home and expect  Lady Chille to give her handouts. You see the type of person FJC was? There are many FJCS today in Yahya’s government.

Chief among them is Neneh Macdowl Gaye. She is a witch. She operates clandestinely. This woman had put many government workers and private citizens into trouble. Jammeh being the fool he is, endorses whatever report given to him by Neneh.

We can said with certainty that Jammeh trust Neneh more than his own NIA. This lady knows what is under Jammeh’s bed room. To get to Jammeh, one needs to get through Neneh. She openly brags that she is in control of Yahya. His own husband had complained about the lady’s late stay at Kanilai but Neneh is not heeding. Jammeh is worse than Edi Amin you know. He hires Neneh to be her husband’s boss at GAMTEL. Neneh gives command to his husband. Marriage is about respect and understanding. But if the two don’t exist, you don’t call such a serious relationship. Neneh don’t have respect for his own husband. He treats the man with contempt. All this is because of Jammeh. Neneh’s husband risked being arrested or harmed if he tells his own wife to behave since Jammeh is dining with her. This is the situation we found ourselves as a nation. Jammeh divides families and close friends.

His own cabinet colleagues told me that the man hates to see two Ministers in good terms. He wants to decide who they talk to when to talk. Some of these Ministers said the man sometimes causes their parents during cabinet meetings. He threatened to arrest anyone  defying his orders.

Finally, we urge President Jammeh to seek mental treatment as soon as possible. His conduct is causing disrepute to the Presidency. We expect him to behave maturely while occupying that high office. There is nothing wrong for him to take a leave of absence and seek treatment. The Vice President or the speaker can step in during his sick leave. Trying to aggravate the country’s already worsening aids crisis is not going to help the situation. Gambian deserve better. Let send this mad President for treatment. Perhaps, Iran or Cuba can help to treat him. The earlier Jammeh gets medical attention the better it would be for Gambians. We rest our case!

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Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, January 31, 2007)
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