What George W. Bush says about Iran may be true, unfortunately he lacks the credibility that would allow us to take him at his word. He speaks of seeing yet another shadow of nuclear holocaust over the middle east.

Voices claiming to be privy to conversations at the very center of power. Would have us believe the President is advised to use militarily action. But He refrains to allow time for his policy of isolation and sanction to disperse the growing menace.

The President in my opinion would be better advised to make sure he can provide verifiable proof before he attacks another country.

Because the neoconservative crowd considers diplomacy little more then appeasement that emboldens ones enemy. The President leaves himself with the option to attack or bark loudly as he backs off.

That senior administration sources relate the President is advised to use militarily action, A signal perhaps that but for credibility he would have already done so.

The President of Iran seems to me a bit of a religious fanatic, He may even be so detached from reality and his own humanity that given the opportunity he might gleefully initiate a world wide holocaust.

If we have evidence to that effect we ought not to hesitate to use a smashing first strike once a new President is elected.

But I think the President is crying wolf at the intentions of Iran toward the west. 

I have little doubt they would like to become a nation with nuclear weapons capability and the dominant regional power.

At this point we can with diplomacy still talk them out of the want to acquire the match that burns the whole world.

The cost will be accepting them as the single dominant nation in the region which is exactly what they wanted in the first place.

Had we elected a President who understood state craft, We might have been able to limit them to being one regional power amongst several.

P.S. Burton




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