George W. Bush it is said dislikes oval office addresses to the Nation, He is more comfortable with town hall debate formats where he can walk the stage and interact with participants. Still He looked and sounded very Presidential while discussing General Petraeus’s report on Iraq.

The respected General was in town to sell a war and his boss played the role of closer. And if the American people were in a mood for buying more war, both fellows could ring the sale bell and call it a done deal

While democrats and fact checkers wasted little time in poking holes in some of the numbers the General provided with his spiffy graphs and way forward enthusiasm. Overall he seemed to offer an honest and credible assessment of where we are and what he feels is the best course of action to pursue from a tactical military perspective.

But the General was not in town to convince us we should be a player in the War, He was simply offering a very candid look into the military aspect of the current policy.

It was the Presidents task to close the sale and while his 12% base was decidedly encouraged and came away convinced victory is simply a matter of staying the course another seven to nine years.

The remaining 88% of us were not swayed and would appreciate if the congress can see to it we have an orderly withdrawal of our forces in the next year or two.

While the President is if nought else consistent in refusing to face current political reality in respect to Iraq. The more vocal left is also in denial when it comes to their want and demand we bring the boys and girls home last week.

They hate George Bush and everything he stands for with a venom. They fail to distinguish George Bush the individual from his failure as a political leader. We can debate without end if he lied outright about W.M.D’s or simply relied on intelligence he was warned was flawed. 

But the truth remains most every American could not lock and load quick enough when the war cry first sounded.

The next President be He or She a democrat or republican must make a radical departure from the current neoconservative policy of aggression and confrontation. 

Intense in your face diplomacy is the only effective weapon left in our arsenal. We have made Iran and Syria our enemy by choice.  The best hope for Iraq is a future where a weak central government distributes the countries resources between the dominate factions with Saudi Arabia, Iran and Syria playing referee to the tribal leaders.

New generations of neoconservatives are beguiled by their elders into repackaging a political faith that was cracker ass to begin with no matter how much they dress it up and doctor the recipe. 

By incorporating into our foreign policy a fundamental dynamic of providing solely for our own best interest. We compell    competing nations to group together against us. We should be manipulating them to work for and with us.

The neoconservative offers an appealing pitch. Creating a world policed by Americanism where unjust regimes and rouge dictators are replaced by liberating American forces. Images of soliders showered with flowers by the oppressed eager to embrace Jeffersonian democracy. Of course the reality is always another Korea or Vietnam or Iraq. 

The democrats control congress but seem feckless when it comes to telling the President no on anything he demands. Promises of a new sheriff in town under speaker Pelosi’s tenure were quickly sidelined by veterans in the house tripping over each other to feast at the pork barrel.

The American people want our troops brought home. The vocal left blames the President when the reality is a democratic congress controls the funding for our continued participation. It has become a political stalemate.

The President simply running out the clock on his term while Speaker Pelsoi carefully makes sure she does nothing and the soldiers just keep getting killed and maimed in vain.   

P.S. Burton

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