The failure of the Liberals in congress to over ride the Presidents veto of a cut and run funding bill is a victory for all Americans but more so for our brave Boys in uniform as they wage the War on Terror abroad and he battles those at home who seem to wake each morning wondering what they can do today that will even further embolden the enemy.

One wonders if the Democrats are aware of the blood bath that would erupt should we fail to establish stability in Iraq. We have a moral obligation to the People we liberated as well as a duty to those who have fallen. The liberal polls delight in reporting that many people have grown weary of the longer then anticipated commitment, But I dare the Democrats pollsters to ask our men on the front if they want to abandon the women and children of Iraq and I wager they would offer a resounding NO. What they would like is the resources to finish the job they started and unless the Democrats pass a clean bill, Our troops will suffer the consequence.

The Democrats seem to have determined offering a series of political horse and pony shows is what the people elected them for, Happily while they were able to fool many people for a brief period last November, The show will close at the next election when the silent majority will return responsible conservatives to power.

While reasonable minds can differ on tactical approaches, and the results of the November election signaled the want of the American People to seek resolution to the crises, The claim by the Democrats that Americans want to cut and run is political doublespeak. One wonders if maybe the war wouldn’t already be over but for the efforts of liberals and the mainstream media to frustrate the President at every turn.

How many Americans have died or will while the Democrats play politics with the funding that enables them to continue the fight? The Liberals may control the purse strings like a shrew wife, But this President is both resolved and determined that he will support the troops and provide the funds needed to supply them with the resources they require to defend us.

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