I listened as deputy D.O.D Secretary England introduce George Bush for a speech on the five year anniversary of the war. He used words that would describe Men like U.S Grant and Robert Lee, Lincoln and Stone Wall Jackson, Pershing and MacArthur, Patton and Marshal. England spoke with all the enthusiasm of a senior cult disciple dispensing arsenic laced Kool aid to the rank and file to swill as a test of faith in fearless leaders power over life and death.

The President’s speech if nothing else was a revelation of just how deep one can immerse in dissociative reality and retain the ability to interact in the world the rest of us inhabit. I very much doubt the toadies who compromise the circle of powers that be, would ever mention to fearless leader that 71% of Americana’s point to the war as the primary reason we face an economic meltdown, or that 60 % of us oppose continued occupation of Iraq .

When the President spoke of his pride in closing the children’s prisons that existed under Saddam, I wonder if he was aware of all the children who have been tortured in front of their parents under US supervision since we took over?

More than 4000 of our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, Mom’s and Dad’s are dead. They died with courage and valor, and they along with the American people were beguiled from the get go.

The Quisling sitting in the Speakers chair may be able to hinder exposure for a while, but sooner or later the truth will come out. Over a trillion dollars spent thus far, much of it finding its way into the pockets of vice president Richard Cheney and other members of the have and have more crowd.

I like most Americans accepted that when it came to a clear and present danger, politics is put aside, that the men and women who told us about WMD’s and presented the intelligence were offering the facts. Turns out they made the whole thing up out of whole cloth and gilded the Lilly on top of it.

Lies, deceptions and misdirection, all in the pursuit of personal wealth and advancement of a pernicious political ideology.

I have many Republican friends and we disagree to the point of slamming dishes at the dinner table over discussions on politics. But even they concede too many of the folks George Bush depended on to advise and counsel belong in jail.

I have never questioned the Presidents patriotism or religious sincerity, but the incompetence of this administration even in the insignificant is mind boggling, and I do question the mental stability of Richard Cheney, I think he is as mad as a Hatter and I pray each evening for the good health of George Bush in that respect.

Senator Obama’s multitude of the liberal left demand we bring the troops home post haste, Senator Obama implies that will be his first course of action if elected President, That is a straight up lie, the kind he claims his campaign isn’t about.

Bringing the war to a an end will require we resolve the mess we created, I am amongst those, democrats and republicans who call for a division of Iraq into three spheres of political and oil economic influence, Let Iran and Syria have a chair at the table, Modern Iraq was created by Winston Churchill on the advice of Lawrence of Arabia. Carved out of the remains of the disintegrating Ottoman empire, We should carve it up some more and turn control of it over to the native ethnic and religious factions.

Trust me the local leaders would invite Alkida over for dinner to thank them for helping and slaughter them as desert was being served. Iran and Syria would claim a victory over the Great Satan and sweet crude would drop back down to 70 bucks a barrel and the specter of recession would fade like morning dew on the well manicured lawns of the rich who with the evangelicals could spend the next four years complaining about the decay of Christian morals and American values as President Clinton or Obama cleaned up the fetid stench left by eight years of unchecked greed and avarice

that’s my view yours may be different

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