The protests and civil disobedience that has erupted throughout the United States since the election of Mr. Donald J. Trump as President-Elect of the United States is not unique in our American society. Yes, there have been examples of contested elections often termed, corrupt bargains. In the 1824 election, the 12th amendment dictated that the determination of the election be determined by the House of Representatives and John Quincy Adams was ushered into residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Another example of a contested election was in 1874 when Rutherford B. Hayes was elected by a congressional commission and in the most recent memory the presidency of Gerald R. Ford was often considered a corrupt bargain because of his pardon of his predecessor Richard M. Nixon as repayment for the ascent to the White House.

Perhaps the most destructive and longest transgression of anger against the election of any United States president was the succession of South Carolina in retaliation of the election of Abraham Lincoln. As the events unfolded, this aggressive act by South Carolina was indeed the beginning of the American Civil War which raged for almost five years after Abraham Lincoln’s first inauguration and the insurrection was quelled by the surrender of the Confederate States of America with their final surrender at Appomattox in April 1865, almost five years of bloody fighting after Lincoln’s first inauguration. While the protests and marches that are currently happening throughout the United States are in no manner comparable with the turmoil that fanned the flames of the Civil War, some similarities are present in our 21st century America.

President-elect Donald J. Trump inherits the mantle of the American Presidency in a period of our history that is in escalating turmoil both domestically and internationally. The United States has been at war for the longest period of time, exceeding all of the other military conflicts durations since the American Revolution. The collective American society wants a Commander-in-Chief that will not just lead us in military conflicts, but wants a Commander-in-Chief that will lead us out of all of the military conflicts American troops are currently fighting. Leading America out of military conflict, with honor, dignity and the restoration of peaceful harmony is perhaps the most important matter on the global view that the President-elect needs to tackle as the highest priority to national and international security.

As indicated in the multiple speeches and debates that preceded the election of November 2016, the then Mr. Trump touted the need to renegotiate the multiple treaties with our European Allies and most importantly the need for Europe to take a larger leadership role, both physically and financially in the NATO alliance. This alliance has been a consistent drain on the American military’s resources and the United States’ treasury since the inception of NATO. The political landscape of Europe has dramatically changed since the end of the Second World War; the United States has for decades burdened itself with the majority of the expenditures to defend the European Continent. Now it is time for the European Union to bolster their own defense and defend their own countries against military aggression.

The global war on international terrorism is the first task any incoming United States President will undoubtedly face within hours after swearing the oath of office at the United States Capitol on Inauguration Day. Despite, candidate Trump’s bravado that claimed more knowledge than the collective American generals engaged in the global war on terrorism, President-elect Trump needs to surround himself with the best military experts the United States has to offer in order to assist him in the role of Commander-in Chief. The geo-political conflicts that are breaking out all over the globe need the counsel of experts and not a novice President of the United States that seemingly understands the activities of global warfare by playing the game of RISK during his adolescent years. President-elect Trump surely remembers the discontent of the American people that erupted in this country during the prolonged escalation of hostilities during the Vietnam War and associated anger coupled by civil disobedience that permanently scarred a generation of Americans against our military involvement in any conflict until the tragedy of 9/11.

While then real-estate mogul Mr. Trump maintained his exaggerated art of effecting the deal (in real estate brokerage,) the actual act of negotiating the diplomatic deal belongs to our well trained and highly experienced American diplomats whose credentials speak for their expertise in international diplomacy which protects American interests at home and abroad. Secretary Clinton, the deposed Democratic candidate for President of the United States, despite whatever shortcomings that may have been extrapolated upon during a long and hostile political campaign might indeed be a powerful ally to President-elect Trump. Objectively, Secretary Clinton would be the most qualified candidate for the position of United States Ambassador to the United Nations. She has the expertise, the experience and the personal relationships with many of the world’s diplomatic leaders to effect positive change that would favor the United States at the United Nations and de facto, throughout the world. Rather than continue to an attempt to prosecute Secretary Clinton for her already alleged mishandling of classified documents, why not utilize her expertise to the highest advantage for the American people and the United States international presence which desperately needs a positive rebuilding since the vicious election of 2016 that did nothing to ensure domestic tranquility as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

The Obama presidency relied heavily on the knowledge and experience of Vice President Joseph Biden. After service for many years in the Senate, Mr. Biden was the best candidate for the office of Vice-President. He guided and nurtured legislative bills through the halls of Congress, quietly behind the scenes, shaking hands, making commitments on behalf of the White House and discretely working on behalf of the former junior senator that was now President Obama. It is not unrealistic to state that without the support and expertise of Vice-President Biden, President Obama’s international and domestic policies most likely would have been dead on arrival on Capitol Hill. The United States owes a large debt of gratitude to Vice-President Biden for his unsung works and activities in steering legislative and political activities through the Congress, which was at times not very cooperative with the ideals of President Obama. President-elect Trump should utilize the expertise of the Vice-President elect Pence for the same activities and objectives. He is an established political ally on Capitol Hill and has been discretely well known in political circles for decades. Just as Joe Biden was always at the side of President Obama, Vice President Pence should occupy the same place in the Trump administration, not because it makes a good photo opportunity, but because he will most likely be the best advocate for the Trump Administration and the proposed policies it intends to send to Capitol Hill for approval.

Nothing irritates the American people more than nepotism. When President Kennedy tapped his brother for the position of Attorney General after the 1960 election there was some criticism and consternation throughout the United States. Well, the Trump organization should be careful of the same alleged activities of political nepotism. The Trump Family has behaved remarkably during the campaign; they have been a model family of political decorum for the family of a candidate for the office of the President of the United States. However, the President-elect during the campaign assured the American people that the Trump Family would run the Trump Empire and not be a part of the governance of the country. President-elect Trump most assuredly should honor this campaign promise and not bring family members into the White House in any capacity other than his wife as First Lady. The American people do not want a hereditary branch of the government, similar to that of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family, colloquially known as, “The Firm!” President-elect Trump’s version of, “The Firm,” needs to remain in New York to run the Trump family business and permit the governance of the country to continue with our elected officials and qualified employees of the Federal Government. During the Camelot years of JFK, he surrounded himself with fellow Harvard friends and classmates and that in itself was a success for the JFK White House. With the exception of his brother as Attorney General, President Kennedy relied on a close administrative circle of advisors that were not related to him by blood. President-elect Trump would indeed be well served by bring in the Wharton School crowd in the same manner that JFK culled the Ivy League halls of Harvard. However, no relatives, President-elect Trump, they already have jobs and if you want to make America greater again, give someone else a chance at gainful employment.

Finally, back to the tumultuous protests and racially charged accusations that are fueling the marches and civil disobedience throughout the United States as a result of Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States. With certainty, the protests and unrest will pass when the formation of the new presidential administration begins to congeal and take the recognizable form of a presidential cabinet. The best message that President-elect Trump has spoken thus far is that he intends to be a President of the United States for all of the American people. With that said, that means, the wealthy, the poor, the marginalized, the unemployed and the under-employed, immigrants, native born American’s, naturalized citizens and many other categories that compose the tapestry of the American quilt of our democratic republic.

Most importantly, President-elect Trump should painstakingly take to heart the presidential oath of office as it transforms him from President-elect to President Trump: I Donald J. Trump will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God.

Those words have bestowed the mantle of the American Presidency on 44 other men since George Washington. If President Trump faithfully executes his oath of office, America will follow his example. The protests will end and civility will be restored to a nation that is faithfully anticipating the results of the new Trump administration that will implement the campaign promises made for the last sixteen months.

So help us God.


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