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Premonition – Movie Review

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Review by Jennifer Pflughaupt for The Mungles on Movies
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Title: Premonition

Premonitionî, starring Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, and Nia Long is a whirlwind of a film filled with twists and turns that keeps the viewer guessing up until the very end. What would you do if you wake up one day and everything is how it should be? You have a loving family and routine day. You go to bed that night next to your husband. Three days later you wake up to find yourself at his funeral and have no idea what has happened to him. This is the intriguing premise for ìPremonitionî and I was thrilled that I got to go see this movie..
As much as I like a good mystery / thinker though, this story was a huge disappointment. And for the record, those who know me know I LOVE Sandy. She is one of my favorite actors and it is hard for me to negatively criticize a movie she is in. She is good at comedy, romance and drama, but this story does not live up to her acting abilities. She was great and did what she could with the story. She brought believability to her character that is incredibly charming even through her troubling circumstances. However, the story was lacking and instead of going with the unexplainable, the writers tried to make sense of it all and left much to be desired.

It seemed as though the writers quit at the end of the script abandoning all creativity and originality on the cutting room floor. At one point, I was waiting for Keanu Reeves to show up at her mailbox. Imagine ìThe Lake Houseî on acid until the last five minutes and you have ìPremonitionî. I give the flick 2.5 closed caskets out of 5.
“Jennifer is a member of the North Texas Film Critics Association (NTFCA) and a writer for The Mungles on Movies.

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