Melinda+DennySaturday in the early morning hours the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office received a call from a woman in Alabama telling them that her son and his girlfriend was traveling from Alabama to Texas and they ran out of money and gas on Interstate 12 near Madisonville Louisiana. She asked if they could find the couple and assist them with their needs.

A Deputy located the couple in a parking lot and talked to them but seen no apparent problems even though after they found a gun inside the car but there was no ammunition. Once the deputy was satisfied that the couple was OK he sent them on their way.

Later that day the sheriff’s office received another call about a man at a gas station along Interstate 12 standing with a gun to his head threatening suicide. After a standoff with the man, the police eventually ended up having to fire what they call a round of bean bags at the man striking him in the chest so they could apprehend him and take him into custody.

The man that was threatening suicide ended up being the same man that the deputy had talked with earlier that morning, Johnathon Nall. When he was taken into custody, his girlfriend, Melinda Denny was no where to be found.

It wasn’t until Thursday morning after an extensive search that her body was found along a fence line in an open field on Brewster Road in Madisonville, La. Preliminary autopsy reports that Denny was stabbed 12 times in the back.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Nall’s mother suspects that her son and Denny had taken some drugs. She said he is the father of two and he suffers from bipolar. Sheriff Jack Strain said of Nall, “The guy did a big show of his apparent mental problems, but now it’s up to the professionals to decide was that a disguise or truly mental incapacity.”

Johnathon NallJohnathon Nall has been booked on Tuesday in the St. Tammany Parish jail on charges of terrorizing and resisting an officer. Sheriff Strain is confident that he will ultimately be charged with the murder of Melinda Denny.

Denny’s Aunt Pamela Madden-Watts said that Melinda Denny was the mother of four children. She said this after learning of her niece’s death, “It’s absolutely scary. We were hoping she ran off into the woods or was hiding.

She said her niece had a genuine heart and was a great mother to her children. “The hardest part is the kids are going to be without a mother who loves them more than anything. All of us are taking this hard. Every last one if us.”

My thoughts and prayer are with Melinda Denny’s family. I know this has to be hard on her children. I pray that God will help them cope with the loss of their mother.

Jan Barrett

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