The Gerhard Schroeder faction in Germany, and there are a whole lot more of them than you would care to imagine, can’t seem to find anything wrong with anything New Old Russia does.

Whether it’s the murder of critical journalists in Moscow or political opponents with polonium in London, convenient “technical” and other difficulties with the Russian gas pipelines Europe is now addicted to, the dirty tricks played on foreign companies and organizations trying to operate in Russia, or the latest round of Cold War rhetoric now blowing out of the Kremlin which has led us to where we are today, these folks always have “a differentiated view” when it comes to Russia’s actions.

They are the Russlandversteher, those who “understand” the Russians, and would likely understand them even if they marched back into Berlin again. They’re nostalgic types, I guess. I suppose they long for the good old days, whenever they were. Was it back in 1956 in Hungary (and Berlin), 1968 in Prague, 1979 in Afghanistan? Nah, that was Old Europe Russia. We’re talking about the good old days of New Europe Russia today, with Georgia 2008.

But Schroeder’s comments are actually quite logical and predictable. No, not because he is paid by them, although that certainly helps. Schroeder sees no reason in holding Russia responsible for its rhetoric and actions because no one around him has ever seen any reason for holding Teflon Schroeder responsible for his.

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