George and Cindy Anthony held another prayer vigil Sunday night for their missing granddaughter, Caylee Anthony. They say that more than 100 people showed up this time to pray for little Caylee. Caylee has been missing since mid-June and wasn’t reported until 31 days later. Her mother, Casey Anthony is in jail held without bond, charged with murdering her little 2 year old daughter but the Anthony’s insist that their granddaughter is still alive.

George seems to be having a problem finding a place to park his billboard on wheels they are calling the information center. They did have it in a Publix parking lot near his neighborhood but he said that Publix’s corporate office drove him out. He is going to move it now to a Wal-Mart near Goldenrod and Hoffner.

It seems that Jose Baez is another one on this case for the defense that can’t seem to stay away from the media. The same media that he and everyone else on their team claim are to blame for all that has gone wrong in this case against his client, Casey Anthony. He appeared on the Geraldo Rivera Show and told the world that people will see Casey’s innocent when they tell her side of things.

“Once we are able to show her version of the facts I think the entire world will sit back and say, ‘Now I understand” said Baez on Geraldo At Large..

I am sorry but I just can’t see me saying that. To begin with what makes this man think that anyone would believe one word this woman says now? What are they going to tell us? That someone killed Caylee in front of Casey and threatened to kill her and her family if she told?

Or are they going to say that drug dealers kidnapped Caylee to send her a message not to mess with them, perhaps she stole money from them just like Clemons Tinnemeyer allegedly did when they kidnapped little Cole? If she uses this she could say that they have been living in fear for her family’s life ever since and that is why they didn’t talk.

I think she would be pushing her luck here with a story such as that but my point is anything she says will not be taken serious now. He mentions “her version”. That’s a laugh and trust me I don’t mean a laugh as in a joking manor other that they really must think the public is stupid if they think any so called “version” of what comes out of Casey Anthony’s mouth can be taken as fact. She has given us several “versions” already of what happened to little Caylee and when it wasn’t bought by the public she changed it to something else that she hoped would sell.

I still don’t understand how come they have to wait to tell her “version”. Is someone holding something over her head making her scared? Yeah RIGHT! They need to take lessons from the kidnapping of little Cole Puffinburger. Now that was scary being kidnapped at gunpoint by drug dealers looking for money that the child’s grandfather owed. We are not talking about a few grand either. They were talking about millions of dollars. Even though it was scary, the police were still called and fortunately having the word out nationwide right away that child was found within 4 days alive and doing extremely well.

There is no excuse good enough for Casey not to have called the police for 31 days to report Caylee missing. And even if she does have a legitimate excuse, she should have never been dancing on poles in a nightclub, or shopping at target for beer, lingerie and huge sunglasses looking like she was planning on some serious partying instead of out looking for her daughter. I suppose Baez is going to ask us to believe that this was Casey’s way of covering up her true feelings for everyone because she was too scared to tell anyone what happened. I am sorry but that is strictly a load of pure BS.

IF they have anything to say that can prove Casey Anthony as innocent why waste taxpayer’s money by bringing this case to court to tell us then? Why not just spit it out now and get it over with. I am sure if they have anything that could keep her out of jail they would have used it by now, because after all that seems to be the only time this woman can show any kind of emotion with tears.

 I wonder if Jose Baez watches himself when he goes on TV and tells America stupid statements such as that. I have little respect for a man that goes on national TV and tries to tell America that this client has been suffering and once they tell us why we will understand.

I hope when Casey Anthony is found guilty that Jose Baez will be eating his words. I for one am looking forward to that. How dare they put off telling Casey’s “version” if it could honestly explain what happened to Caylee? Even if she is alive, after all this time she could have been found and with family again.

I pray to God that Caylee is found soon. This needs to end, not only for Caylee and her family but for all of America that cares for her. May God be with you Caylee, we love you honey!

Jan Barrett

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