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And you thought euthanasia was kosher in Indian Politics. But apparently not.

The feeding tube remains and so does the pretense. But the near death experience has shed new light on the ruling dispensation.

The UPA it appears is now divided between two camps – Pro-Life and Pro-Choice with the Pro-Life camp lead by Sharad Pawar, Lalu Yadav prevailing in backroom machinations.

The near death experience also shed light on a species nearly extinct worldover – Useful Idiots. 

It now appears that Indian dumping sites for Soviet Era Intellectual Waste have not been fully remediated. With the highest contamination levels, New Delhi it appears is still host to a few Useful Idiots. So meet Useful Idiot Prabir Purkayastha courtesy fellow useful idiot at CNN-IBN Sagarika Ghosh. 

For someone who swears by science, Prabir is Vice President of Delhi Science Forum,  he has got his math horribly wrong on the number of years Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister. But more than his math its the sweeping generalizations with which he nuances his opinions that are problematic. Apparently Prabir suffers deep paranoia for it appears that his ideological modesty has been violated over multiple assaults by the Americans. Still suffering the trauma, Prabir it appears has been rendered intellectually sterile and incapable of getting his facts straight anymore.

With a mind troubled by deep fear psychosis its anybody’s guess what kind of advise this close confidante of Prakash Karat is prone to render. CNN-IBN’s interview of Prabir Purkayastha is also instructive on the kind of templates the mainstream media uses to subtly push its ideological agenda from the bogey of non-existent imperialism to alarmist warnings of a hypothetical invasion.

Thankfully the Indian Economy is no longer in serious danger of hurting from useful idiots like Prabir Purkayastha. In a sign of reassurance, the Sensex scaled new heights at 18,000. This however brought little cheer to the Pro-Choice camp which ironically sulked into the background the holiday reprieve till October 22nd notwithstanding.

All attention now is on Sonia Gandhi. While being Pro-Choice in private, she will likely have to put up a Pro-Life pretense in public.  If Lalu and Pawar succeed in doing their number on Sonia we could very well witness a Manmohan Singh exit to further prolong the misery called life support.

Offstumped had earlier predicted that a likely fall-out of this could be a Pranab Mukherjee Race Course coup.

Much depends on how far Manmohan can be pushed before the Americans start to consider him lame duck. Offstumped will be watching ….


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