The week gone by saw Karat and his CPI-Mafioso make idiots of themselves with their bungling of events in Bengal from Nandigram to Taslima Nasreen. But the week also saw Karat’s network of Useful Idiots make themselves heard, albeit with dangerous consequences.

The week began with Useful Idiots in High Places scripting a parallel foreign policy on the one hand while manufacturing fiction on the other.

First it was Vice President Hamid Ansari returning Don Karat’s favor with this speech at a conference on ‘Emerging Security Concerns in West Asia’ with these words

“The US has been mauled by non-state actors in Iraq; its policies have given an impetus to terrorism; it has lost domestic support for its Iraq policy; its unpopularity levels are alarmingly high in Arab and Muslim countries and its intentions are suspected,”

Who is he speaking for ?

Has he forgotten that his days of freewheeling op-eds in the Communist rag-tag Hindu are over and he is now holding a Constitutional Office ?

Perhaps Ansari was merely taking a cue from his Communist bosses on disregarding the UPA’s official foreign policy line rendering the Union Cabinet irrelevant. Some have dismissed the Vice President’s remarks as innocuous but there is a danger in viewing his remarks in isolation. After all Don Karat has his Useful Idiots across the globe who have in an unguarded moment of crisis let the cat out of the bag.

In a public falling out the loony Pseudo Intellectual Left has expressed dismay of the loony International Left over what it calls a public relations coup by the CPI-M. So you have this rather amusing spectacle of Mahashweta Devi, Arundhati Roy, Sumit Sarkar, Uma Chakravarty, Tanika Sarkar, and others issuing a public letter to International Useful Idiots Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn in protest.

Of what you ask ?

Noam Chomsky’s appeal to the loony Pseudo Intellectual Left to not split the Left in the face of American Imperialism

So there you have this Quixotic Alliance of Useful Idiots from India to the Americas ganging up to fight the Windmills of American Imperialism with Hamid Ansari playing Sancho Panza.

The perils of having a useful idiot for a Vice President !

This delusional enchantment with fighting “American Imperialism” is now infectious, breaching the Vindhyas. The dumbing down of Chandrababu Naidu from CEO of Andhra Pradesh to Prakash Karat’s Useful Idiot should go down in history as the most debilitating near death experience to one’s intellect. Naidu’s ideological somersaults have him defending the CPI-Mafioso over Nandigram and Taslima Nasreen in the same breath while hoping to win the Muslim vote in Andhra. With delusions of playing a role in national politics, Naidu’s new avatar as the bitter Middle Aged Man of Andhra Politics has him spending more time exchanging verbal abuses with Y.S. Rajashekhar Reddy in chaste Telugu than in contributing anything meaningful to the national discourse.

How dangerous can Naidu get by association with Prakash Karat ?

Well consider this. They called gutless wonder Shivraj Patil incompetent and not secular enough but that did not stop him from unwittingly joining their club of Useful Idiots to lend credence to the the CPI-M’s Maoist lie in Nandigram during last week’s debate in Parliament. Meanwhile the nation continues to pay for Shivraj Patil’s lack of intelligence with last week’s serial blasts in Uttar Pradesh targeting courthouses and lawyers in Lucknow, Faizabad and Varnasi.

Well that’s how dangerous a useful idiot can get, and they dont even like him.

Now imagine what could happen if Chapter 2 in Project Karat gets anywhere close to reality come next elections ?

Offstumped Bottomline: With useful idiots in high places, Karat’s Quixotic Global Alliance is fraught with dangerous consequences to the Indian National Interest.

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