The PTI reports:

Questioning the CPI(M)’s nationalist credentials, the BJP on Friday said its General Secretary Prakash Karat’s comments on China shows that the interests of the Communist nation are supreme for it. The BJP also asked  whether the “US capital which is coming to Kolkata loses its imperial colour after investment in the Left-ruled state.”

The BJP’s reaction comes in response to this story in the Indian Express. So what did Karat have to say:

We shall not rest in our fight till strategic ties with the US are snapped

the sole strategy of the US was to capture the Indian market. And why does US wish to “capture” the Indian market? “Because China will be equal to the US in terms of economy and growth by the middle of this century,

the US was trying to make India its strategic ally to counter China, “the most powerful socialist country capable of challenging the might of the USA

This is a game the US is trying to play which has to be foiled

West Bengal is the advanced post for the fight against imperialism and in the coming days, it will continue to put up its resistance

Karat’s remarks may not come as a surprise to many for his party the CPI-M and his colleagues like Jyoti Basu have been holding brief for the Chinese regime from the 1960s. But more than Karat’s remarks, what has struck Offstumped was the occassion where Karat delivered his remarks. Karat was speaking at a CPM function here in Kolkota to mark the 90th anniversary of the Soviet Revolution. On the face of it appears that Karat’s CPI-M is merely stuck in its anachronistic ways but then the parallels with a cold war era plot are striking leading one to speculate if there was a next chapter to Project Karat.

In Beijing, a memorandum is drafted for the Chinese President hypothesising if a hung Lok Sabha were to result in a Third Front Government after the next general election in India (likely sometime in the next 24 months), how a “hard left” faction of the CPI-M could elbow the moderate, populist factions of the Third Front in favour of a radical Prime Minister who will adopt an agenda in favor of the most poweful socialist country. Consider how this could happen.

In the next 18 months left of center democratic administration assumes office in the United States. This is followed by an accidental detonation of an Indian Nuclear weapon leading the newly elected Democrat President to impose sanctions on India to please left of center non-proliferation lobbyists. The sanctions result in a wave of anti-american sentiment in India that puts the Congress, that pushed the Nuclear Deal and the BJP, that swore by U.S. relations, on the backfoot. A fragmented electorate returns a hung parliament with the Third front and the Communists in the driver’s seat. The Congress to keep the BJP out of power supports a third front government. Once a third front Prime Minister is sworn in, the hard left Communists take over.

That was an adaptation of Frederick Forsyth’s Fourth Protocol. The Fourth Protocol was unique in its departure from the main plot to carry a 12 page thesis by a character based on British spy Philby who defected to the Soviet Union. The thesis analyses how the hard left could take over the Labor Party in UK following a labor win in the general election to stage a communist coup by default. The similarities of the plot with current events arise from how Nuclear geo-poliitcs, anti-american and pro-communist sentiments are being exploited to influence domestic political outcomes.

A hard left coup maybe a stretch of the imagination. But the reality today is that a radical hard left leader is holding the Indian National Interest hostage to a Communist Maximalist Program, CMP, without having to resort to an overt coup.

While we await the outcome of the cat and mouse game likely to play out in Parliament when the winter session is convened, there should be no doubts on the next chapter to Project Karat.

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