They were born 4 years apart. One heads an organized crime syndicate and the other an organized political syndicate. 

While Dawood Ibrahim may have an Interpol Special Notice on him and a terrorist label applied to him he has been a fugitive on the run for years now having to show up at his daughter’s wedding allegedly in disguise.

Contrast Dawood with Prakash Karat. His political syndicate extends to an organized mafia outfit with bomb making factories and an army of hit men ready to take more than a bullet for his politics. He is neither on the run nor does he show up in public in disguise. While electoral politics gives his mafioso operation its moral sheen, 60 odd psuedo intellectual parliamentarians give him unprecedented leverage in national affairs. The ISI in Pakistan has to keep Dawood out of sight lest he taint President Musharraf by association but no such concerns for Prakash Karat for the teflon skinned Manmohan Singh is no danger of being tainted by association with Prakash Karat.

A media shy Dawood Ibrahim was last spotted in Sharjah enjoying cricket. Prakash Karat on the other hand has the audacity to address national media with these remarks.

Stating that the situation in Nandigram had been “abnormal” for the last 11 months, Karat said: “We are not going to oblige them (opponents) to dislodge us by force by taking help from the Maoists.”

The “we” Prakash Karat is referring to is his mafioso operation and not the Government of West Bengal, who Prakash Karat himself admitted

had “not been allowed to function in the area”.

Consider what Prakash Karat’s better half has been saying has been saying on the terror it intended to unleash in Nandigram.

Dum Dum Dawai should be administered to those opportunist politicians who change allies off and on or those who practise the politics of the gun or those who sometimes leave their brother’s hand and hold their sister’s

For those wondering what “dum dum dawai” meant – it is a a euphemism for violent public fury and direct mob action.

So while Mrs. Karat and her minions in West Bengal, Buddhadeb and Biman Bose have been busy unleashing hard terror in Nandigram, he himself has been busy inflicting soft terror in New Delhi on the Congress.

So fearful are the Prime Minister and the Congress President Sonia Gandhi of Prakash Karat that it was left to political non-entities like Priyaranjan Dasmunshi and Mohsina Kidwai to issue the token words of protest on the events in Nandigram.

So who is a bigger terrorist – a Dawood on the run in a foreign land or a Prakash Karat who has the Prime Minister enjoying office at his mercy ?

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