Most people think that napping is for young babies and children, which is partially true. However, we also have to agree children and babies have to be forced to go to sleep. The adults on the other hand with their 8-hour jobs per day need the naps more the children do. When they are taken by children they are just naps but taken by adults they are called power naps. And they have such amazing health benefits.

Health benefits of power naps

Power naps are naps that are taken during the workday top restore one alertness. That is one of the benefits; you become more alert after taking a power nap. It’s like taking a break during online casino game play. When you return to play your online casino game or placing bets at, you are more determined and ready. The same is true for power naps. After a good power nap, your body’s batteries return fully charged.

If you feel a bit moody in the office, then we suggest that you take a power nap. This is because a power nap will boost your mood, by so doing managing your stress levels. Therefore, instead of giving the whole office a hard time because of your mood swings, just take a nap.

Companies with Napping Areas

Just in case this whole nap thing is an excuse for laziness, allow us to run through some mega companies that have napping rooms.

Google: This is one of the largest companies in the world and they have a napping room. Actually, they call them Energy Pods. That serving to say, a good nap can boost your energy levels. Not forgetting that it is s good boost for the creative juices.

NASA: Who would have guessed that NASA would have Energy Pods as well? According to an article posted on kiwi betting, the company also has a napping room. Since they do want to send people into space it makes sense that they would have a place where people rest before they go back to work.




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