For many years I have been doubtful about the concept of joining food with math. Sure I understand that to make a cake you need exact amounts of ‘stuff’. You need an exact temperature for the oven and an exact time. Basically the whole thing is hard to do. Add in some environmental issues, altitude and humidity, Making Yorkshire Puddings at sea level or a mile high are very different beasts. If you are in Denver use two eggs and wind the temp up on the oven by a few degrees.

OK, lets talk PotStickers. I have loved these little Asian delights for many years. Alas fine Asian dining in Picayune mostly revolves around Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork balls served in a sauce that based on its color alone likely contravenes the current SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty). I did find some PotStickers in the most unlikely of places, A dollar store. They are quite good, but you need to use the rule of fives. I got five bags for $5 dollars. Each bag contained 10 (2 x 5). The power of 5 was at work.


I took a 10 inch fry pan(2 x 5) put the burner on 5, put two tablespoons of butter in it (OK, I am sure that I could convert 2 Table spoons into 5 metric somethings). After 5 minutes, things were ready. I put in my 5 frozen pot stickers and turned them around in the butter for 5 minutes. I added 5oz of water Well the instructions said I should. You are not going to believe this, but 15 minutes (5 x3) later, the water was all gone. They still looked a little anemic, so I swished them around the pan for 5 minutes

I put them in a 5 inch bowl, added 5 shakes of Teriyaki sauce. The only thing that went wrong was that I discovered that we do not have a 5 tine fork. Come to think about it, I have seen never seen a 5 tine fork. 2 Tine come in two styles, small for fishing cooked snails out of their shell, and huge, these keep a roast steady while it is being sliced. Three and Four tine forks are for the dinner table. At one time it was a show of power. Four tines were better than three. Unfortunately nobody ever made a 5 tine, so my proof of the rule of fives is in danger.

I confess, I used a 4 tine fork. I would have used 5 chop sticks, but a couple of minor strokes has ended my chop sticks days.

Simon Barrett

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