Last Friday, surveillance cameras filming outside a Santa Fe, New Mexico courthouse picked up a glowing ball of light wandering around the car park. Those at the courthouse were quick to offer both rational and supernatural reasons for this occurrence. The image is a bright light that has stars in the shape of a diamond that were spinning clockwise. Many believe it is the image of a ghost. Some were able to see faces on the screen. One woman who claimed to be a spiritual reader detected five spirits in the video. One was near a tree and another was sitting on what she thought to be a train. There was also a woman and a child and a man with red, according to her.

There is also the idea that it is the spirit of a man who was killed 20 years ago at the courthouse after bringing a rifle into the building and taking several hostages. They believe the light was his ghost exiting the building after all these years. Those at the courthouse were able to watch his departure from a security screening station at the building’s front door.

Others are more skeptical and have more rational explanations for the phenomenon. Some suggest a rare but possible occurrence of ball lightning. Others believe it is a bug crawling across the camera’s lens picked up by the light which superimposed it on the image being filmed. Several websites have posted the video online for internet users to speculate for themselves. Since then, a reporter from The New Mexican has received over 40 e-mails from all over the country offering opinions as to what it is. It is said that the more people watch it, the more they believe it is a spirit.

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