It has been reported that there is a possibility of asbestos contamination in an area of Wyoming, and officials are now issuing local residents with warnings over the possibility of asbestos presence. The asbestos contamination could be affecting the Green Belt pathway in Laramie, Wyoming, according to reports.

Signs have been put up to warn locals in the area, and those using the pathway are being warned to stick to certain areas so that they do not expose themselves to the potentially deadly carcinogenic. The city was told about the possible contamination by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

According to reports Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Laramie, Paul Harrison, said: “So far Wyoming DEQ has put BP on notice that ‘Hey, we’ve identified this issue, you need to come up with an assessment and mitigation plan to address this potential health hazard of asbestos.”

The report claims that he also went on to state: “We’ll continue to update the public and change the signage as well… We’ll always be very aware and cautious when it comes to public health issues like these.”

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