The UK could be in line to see the first asbestos centre of its kind based on the results of discussions between government officials, who are looking into the possibility of creating such a centre and are looking at how such a centre could be funded.

The possibility of a National Centre of Asbestos Related Diseases is being welcomed by campaigners, who eagerly await the results of the discussions that are taking place over the course of the week. Campaigners in the Rochdale area are pleased at the prospect of the centre, because many people in this area have fallen victim to asbestos related disease due to asbestos exposure from the Rochdale Turner Brothers Asbestos site.

One campaigner said: “This Westminster meeting is very important. It demonstrates a commitment to ensure the dangers of asbestos are taken seriously. To dismiss the damage caused by asbestos, and its threat to future generations, would be a woeful dereliction of duty.”

A medical expert added: “This is the nation’s number one public health disaster, yet ‘the Silent Epidemic’ still sleeps. It is invariably fatal, with a median prognosis of six to nine months. It is resistant to current treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy: even radical protocols do not offer a cure. Government –funded research for mesothelioma has been woefully inadequate

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