Each one of us is working hard each passing day to break through the barriers of life and attain that ultimate state of bliss called “Happiness.” Still, Happiness is no where to be found and that peaceful state seems to be ever alluding. Sounds familiar! Read on!Our mind is always at work. It keeps trying hard to FIND happiness, forgetting the truth that a slight shift in your attitude towards people, situation and the life itself will bring everything you are looking for. Then you don’t have to FIND happiness and it will emanate from within.Happiness is directly related to positive attitude. More we keep ourselves centered towards positive aspect of the circumstances, happier we are.Here is a story. There was a homeless woman who found it difficult to meet her basic needs after begging for alms from devotees in front of all sorts of religious places. Her life was miserable. One day when she was crossing the road a car ran her over and she lost a leg in the incident. She cursed the god for what HE had done to her.One day that woman happened to listen to a monk who was delightfully delivering words of wisdom to a crowd of people gathered near an old Banyan tree. The monk was talking about positive attitude, happiness, love, respect, compassion and all other aspects of life. The woman came yelling and asked the monk what positive was there in her leg getting sliced under the car. The monk smiled and told her to seek patience and that “She will know.”The other day, an NGO came to the town to help physically challenged homeless people. The woman was selected by the organization because she was disabled. She was trained in handicrafts and later could afford to run her own business.After a few years, the monk came to the woman’s office. She burst into tears and said, “Yes, Now I know, My Lord.”Assuming the situation is the first thing we need to stop. Sometimes, the things are not as bad as they seem. Remember, a glass half empty for you may be glass half full for another!A positive attitude not only helps you to fare well in the tests that life poses, it helps you to attract success, since failure again is just a state of mind, a matter of thinking. e.g. A child gets bad credits in examination and he treats the situation as the failure of his efforts. But if he is infused with the idea of positive thinking he would consider it as lack of efforts and an opportunity to fill the void next time.Keeping a positive attitude certainly doesn’t mean to be falsely optimistic about the situation, instead it means accepting the circumstances and gearing up yourself to give your best shot. It is also the matter of exploring possibilities. Instead of fretting about the situation and sinking melancholy in a bad mood, set your imagination free and think about the solution. It’s the solution that will take you out from the situation and unnecessary thinking will make it marshier.As you practice it more, you will begin to notice that it is never the situation that keeps you back from happiness, it is your own multitude of negative thoughts.Now do this exercise, think of any situation you had been in past, you considered was bad. Does that situation, people related to it or even your own thoughts in that situation, matter to you any more? Does it make you less or more happy today?Accepting that life is moving and nothing will stay the same, helps you let go of the things and keeping a positive attitude helps you to look at life without the guilt and blame.So stay positive and be HAPPY!!!!!!-Shaveta Bansal

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