Recognition of the Pope that guided the Church through the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent liturgical reforms of the Church’s sacraments and liturgy highlighted not only the great importance the Second Vatican Council but the astute sensitivities of the man, Paul VI who brought the council to fruition.

During the council the cause for the sainthood of Pope Pius XII was opened however his declaration as, “Venerable,” did not occur until Pope Benedict XVI made the declaration in 2009. It is interesting to note that at the same time, Pope Benedict declared his predecessor, Pope John Paul II, with the title,
Venerable,” as well. While the cause of Pope Pius XII is seemingly stalled, Pope John Paul is now a saint of the Church.

The case should be made to advance the cause of Pope Pius XII for The recent canonization of Saint Pope Paul VI was a great day in the history of the Catholic Church. beatification because his papacy, often mired in accusations of anti-Semitism on the part of the Pope and the Church during the Second World War as millions of Jewish faithful were exterminated by the Nazi government. Clandestinely, the Church throughout Europe worked to save Jewish refugees throughout Europe. These activities were with the approval of Pius XII although the Holy See officially made no public statements regarding the Church’s fervent works to save Jewish refugees from the persecutions of the Nazi government in Germany.

Pope Pius XII is maligned because of his perceived silence and absence of public recognition of the Church’s underground activities to extricate Jewish victims of tyranny from German occupied countries during the Second World War. It is time for the Church to reveal the extent of Pius XII’s activities on the behalf of Europe’s persecuted Jews to set the record straight for the cause of Pius XII to move forward.

There are some within the Catholic Church who maintain there have been miracles attributed to the intervention of Pope Pius XII. Father Peter Gumpel, the Church’s relator has stated there are miracles, including, “one of great significance,” attributed to Pacelli. The question now is simple: What is holding up the canonical process for advancing the cause of Pope Pius XII towards beatification?

In 2014, Pope Francis indicated that the late pope would not be canonized because the cause has not progressed in any significant way. Father Gumpel in 2016 seems to contradict Pope Francis’ statement. Gumpel maintains there are multiple miracles under investigation, including one cure without medical explanation from the United States. This cure was realized after a man suffering from severe influenza and pneumonia prayed a novena to Pope Pius XII. It seems that the Vatican for whatever reasons is intentionally slowing down the progress of Pope Pius XII’s cause for sainthood because of misconceptions of the Pope’s silence against the atrocities committed against the Jewish people during the Second World War. Despite evidence in the Vatican’s Secret Archives, Pius XII’s cause is not on the Vatican’s fast track for sainthood.

While Pius XII made no public proclamation against the persecution of European Jews during the Second World War, his silent should not be misunderstood as consent of Germany’s treatment of European Jews. Pope Pius XII permitted Catholic officials throughout war torn Europe to aid as many Jewish refugees as possible including shelter at Church facilities or in many cases issuing false Catholic certificates of Baptism to save Europe’s persecuted Jewish people.

Pope Pius XII is an example of an extraordinary example of how the Catholic Church was caught in the political and social upheaval of Europe during the Second World War and how extraordinary acts of human survival often went unnoticed and without public acclaim. Pius XII’s activities to save the suffering Jewish population of Europe were indeed heroic during a period when heroic activity was normative. As a Church, it is time to recognize Pope Pius XII as an outstanding example of a man that tried to accomplish the impossible as the civilized world of Nazi Europe enslaved all peoples that were touched by the heinous persecutions of Nazism. Throughout all the tragedies of Nazi totalitarianism, Pope Pius XII zealously worked to save the Jewish people and indeed all peoples affected by tyranny during the darkest days of mankind’s inhumanity against their fellow man and he deserves recognition as a saint in the Catholic Church.

Hopefully, someday soon, Catholics will be able to proclaim him as Saint Pope Pius XII and Righteous Among the Nations!


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