The Rainbow Papacy of Pope Francis continues to obfuscate and further confuse faithful Catholics as he seemingly promotes homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle within the Church. Recently, Pope Francis was seen wearing a, “rainbow,” pectoral cross, presented to him as a gift during the Youth Synod taking place in the Eternal City.

Throughout the Youth Synod, there have been many events that purportedly advocate alternative lifestyles as compatible with the framework of Catholic morality. Throughout it all, the Holy Father continues an attitude of passive acceptance for the radical departure from Catholic teachings against homosexual relationships and same sex lifestyles.

Most memorable and appropriate that Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia intervened during a session of the Youth Synod when he objected to the terminology of LGBTQ as part of the synod’s official documents. Rightly stating the point, Archbishop Chaput reminded those assembled that the label of LGBTQ incorrectly acknowledges groups of people that do not exist in the world or most importantly as a subset of individuals within the Catholic Church. Therefore, such terminology should not be included within official Catholic documents. Chaput also continued to suggest that the Youth Synod should celebrate faith and life in Jesus Christ rather than commending a manner of lifestyle that is incompatible with the teachings of the Church.

The Youth Synod also provoked ire from Catholics world wide when it was realized that the episcopal observers assigned as participants in the smaller breakout youth sessions would not be publicly disclosed and those bishops would participate and observe in cognito. Increasingly, activities within the Vatican occur under circumstances that resist real transparency and continue to operate with silent approval of Pope Francis. There is great concern among the world’s Catholics that the Youth Synod is transmitting notions and concepts of morality that are not in accordance with the traditional teachings of the Church. Opposition to this methodology during the Youth Synod have yet to be expressed by Pope Francis even though many of the world’s bishops and faithful consider the practice as somewhat suspect.

Increasingly, the silence of Pope Francis regarding the increasing movement towards condoning the homosexual lifestyle within the Catholic Church is a real concern as to where this papacy is heading regarding this controversial lifestyle. The silence of Pope Francis de facto provides tacit consent to the questionable outcome of the Youth Synod as well as a greater concern for the demise of orthodox Catholic teachings contra homosexuality and the lifestyle it promotes. Catholics have a right for concern regarding the Pope’s apparent disregard for the teachings of the Church on matters of sexual morality. Increasingly, Pope Francis’ remarks mark a departure from the traditional admonitions of Church law and more acceptance of contemporary norms of secular society.

The controversies surrounding Pope Francis’ supine attitude towards issues of sexual morality are sort of a hallmark of this papacy. Earlier in his papacy, when queried about the morality of homosexual activities, Pope Francis responded, “Who am I to judge!” Such a response from the Bishop of Rome seems to contradict later statements made by Pope Francis when addressing the question as to the admission of homosexual men to seminaries throughout the world, and his response to the Italian Episcopal Conference was a resounding, “No!” Contradictions and confusion alarmingly increase with the papacy of Pope Francis and it is not unreasonable to consider that the Holy Father may well be leading the Catholic Church into a situational position regarding the traditional Catholic teachings of morality that ignores the objective norms of the Church’ teachings and relying more on secular norms of popular acceptance. Accordingly, the papacy of Francis is alarming and potentially destructive towards centuries of Catholic teachings that reject sexual lifestyles contradictory to the marital state between a man and a woman.

While it is understandable that Pope Francis intends to embrace those that are objectively living lifestyles that contradict Catholic morality with the intent to bring them back to the fold so to speak of traditional Catholicism, his motives and methodologies are indeed questionable to say the least.

There are often reports within the religious and secular press that mention the existence of, “The Lavender Mafia,” within the Church. This sub rosa group of individuals within the Curia at the Vatican are often blamed for the great influence that promotes acceptance of homosexuality and the same-sex lifestyle among the world’s clergy and Catholics alike. If indeed Pope Francis is taking his ques of leadership from this or any other group within the Catholic Church that advocates a transformation of Catholic morality towards secular modernism the papacy of Francis and indeed the life of the Church is in great disarray and turmoil.

Faithful Catholics should pray fervently that Pope Francis will more effectively advocate traditional Catholic norms of sexual morality and the traditional man-woman schema of marriage and family as the best vehicle for the future success of Catholicism. Anything less rejects millennia of orthodox teachings that champion the roles of males and females in the Sacrament of Marriage as the cornerstone of the Church’s teachings that celebrate human life, the family and the sacred role that morality has in the continued life of the Catholic Church.


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