I was bored, I had run out of people to annoy, so when my wife invited me to take a trip to the Dollar Store, I said yes. What possible mischief could I get into in a Dollar store? Things mostly went well, I was well behaved. On the way to the checkout a box caught my eye. Pop-Its, for a buck, who could turn it down.

popits 1

When we got home I explored my purchase in greater depth. I loved the warning

popits 3

If adult supervision is required, this is my kind of thing! I stopped growing up when I was 5.

The box contained two packets of what can best be described as miniature Hershey Kisses, but the instructions were clear “do not put in mouth, throw on ground”

popits 4

I grabbed one and followed the instructions, what fun! There was an explosion that would have rattled a nervous ant. Pop it went. My wife was giving me one of those ‘oh tell me this isn’t true looks’. Well for a buck, I had a lot of fun. I still have the second pack containing another 25. I am thinking about how to use them. I rather like the idea of putting them in the Microwave, but I am certain that Jan would get grumpy with me. She took a dim view of me wanting to put a DVD in it, apparently is a lot of fun, but I have been banned from trying it.

In all likelihood that will be the last time I am invited to go to the dollar store. It’s a shame, I had a lot of fun with my dollar!

Simon Barrett

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