I am cynical about a lot of the hype about Global warming, not because I don’t feel it is true (I used to live in Minnesota, after all. It was under 200 feet of ice twelve thousand years ago) but because it is this years’ “We’re All Gonna Die” hype, similar to hypes of various sorts that I’ve heard about over the last 50 plus years.

Yet pollution is real, and a logical approach rather than a religious approach is needed to clean up where we can fix things. I mean, I lived in a Pennsylvania coal town where no one drank the water and the streams literally ran red from the run off from the slag heap that was formed by 80 years of coal  mining.
The dirty little secret is that when governments don’t care about their people, graft allows business to pollute.

It is not capitalism but graft and lack of democracy that is the main culprit.

Look at the list here:LINK 

Five of the sites are in the former USSR, and one is in China.

You see, a socialist government where meeting goals is the object doesn’t bother about the health of the local people.

The Indian city is the center of their tannery businesses that employ half a million people. That government is actively cleaning up the site and the local farmlands.

The Peruvian smelter responsible for their pollution is now run by a company from Missouri,  and the CDC has a report on it HERE.
The site in the Dominican Republic was, ironically, a lead battery recycling plant…essentially ecology laws causing pollution.

What is bad about this is that the Philippines like other poor countries is vulnerable to similar problems. There are laws here against pollution but like illegal logging, one can ignore the laws in many areas.

That is why many are worried about this report that Japan’s toxic waste might be dumped here.

You see, with “green” cars, the dirty little secret is that they use batteries that have to be recycled. And it will be cheaper to “recycle” them in a third world country that either lacks standards or looks the other way.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

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